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99 2019 Fantasy Baseball Player Debates

The BRAND NEW 99 2019 Fantasy Baseball Player Debates book is here!


Bogman and The Welsh love player debates, so they decided to make an entire book out of some of this years greatest debates. In the process, the ITL crew felt the only way to do it, was to embrace the player vs player concept and take these debates to the ring! Well not really the ring, but we do embrace a boxing style format for each debate. You can’t do the boxing style right, unless you have judges! Bogman and The Welsh have recruited some of the industries best to score each match. Paul Sporer from FanGraphs, Steve Gardner from USA Today, Eno Sarris from The Athletic, the Rotowire crew of DVR, James Anderson and Clay Link, the author of The Black Book Joe Pisapia, Jake Ciely from the Athletic and many more!

Each debate has a write up defending that player, from either Bogman or Welsh. You’ll see the players 2018 stats to cross reference his year. We then ask the three judges to score each debate on a boxing scale. KO, DRAW, 10-7, 10-8 or 10-9. We take the three judges scores, and we get a winner. It’s that easy.

We also picked five debates from our 2018 edition to review, and pick a debate from the 2019 to mirror it’s results.

Last but not least, find Bogman and The Welsh’s Top 300 ranks.

Get the PDF for only $8.99

Purchase the PDF right now, below. You can also buy the book on Amazon to send straight to your kindle. The book is done in more of an image style format. Understand that it won’t read like a normal book. All you have to do is do some zooming in. CLICK ADD TO CART TO PURCHASE THE PDF FROM US.

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