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Duel Mock Draft 2018



I'm not the biggest fan of Mock Drafts but I decided to do one on draft day.  I have one pick I think the team will make and then the pick I would make if I was that team.  A lot of them wind up being the same which actually kind of surprised me.  For those of you interested I will be on Youtube Live during all 3 days of the draft for all ITL Army members!  Come join the fun and talk football with me!

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1. Cleveland Browns

Team – Sam Darnold QB, USC

GM Bogman – Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State

Pretty simple here, the Browns are picking #1 overall and usually that team picks a QB.  Most teams have Darnold as #1 on their board and even with all of the rumors floating around about Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield I still think it’s going to be Darnold.  Personally, I would go with Barkley because he makes this team better right now and they have been adding talent like crazy this offseason.


2. New York Giants

Team – Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State

GM Bogman – Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State

I think either way the Giants get the best available player when they pick in these scenarios.  Barkley helps the offense that already has a lot in OBJ, Shepard and Engram. If Chubb is the pick then he is the immediate replacement for JPP and possibly an immediate upgrade


3. New York Jets

Team – Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma

GM Bogman – Sam Darnold QB, USC

The Jets gave up their 6th overall and 3 2nd round picks to move up 3 spots, I can’t see any scenario where they don’t take a QB.  The rumors are that they love Baker Mayfield, I would take Josh Rosen personally because I think he would be ready to step in from day one.  The reason I took Sam Darnold for them is because if I was the GM I wouldn’t want to piss off Woody Johnson (The Jets Owner) who does not care for the off field antics of Josh Rosen.  This stuff shouldn’t matter but it does.


4. Cleveland Browns

Team – Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State

GM Bogman – Josh Rosen QB, UCLA

I think the Browns win in either scenario at 4 here, another way they could win is to trade out of this spot to obtain multiple picks but for this exercise I didn’t do any trades.  Taking Chubb and pairing him with Myles Garrett would be great for a long time to come. Josh Rosen is my favorite QB in this draft so even though I like Tyrod Taylor, he’s on a one year contract and the Browns are looking for a face of the franchise.


5. Denver Broncos

Team – Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame

GM Bogman – Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

Nelson might be the best player in this draft and the need is perfect for the Broncos, who like the Browns have also been rumored to be shopping this pick.  Baker Mayfield I think fits for this team because he can sit behind Case Keenum (even though he’ll probably bitch the entire time) and the Broncos have good weapons at WR and are planning on adding a running back.


6. Indianapolis Colts

Team – Denzel Ward CB, Ohio State

GM Bogman – Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame

With Andrew Luck being out all year last year the #1 priority should be protecting him, if Nelson falls all the way to 6 it is a PERFECT scenario for the Colts who will have the best pick for them in this draft and added 2 more 2nds in this draft and one more next year.  Even if Nelson is gone Denzel Ward is a great pick because the Colts need help all over the defense.


7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team – Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama

GM Bogman – Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama

Secondary help is probably the biggest need for the Bucs and Fitzpatrick offers the most versatility for the Bucs.  I know he’s a name that’s been slipping in a lot of mocks but this gives the Bucs some more options in the later rounds


8. Chicago Bears

Team – Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia

GM Bogman – Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia

The Bears added a lot of offensive firepower in the offseason and now it’s time to add some speed to this defense and Roquan Smith is the best defensive player in my opinion.  The Bears also visited Smith a bunch of times so I think this might be a fairly obvious pick



9. San Francisco 49ers

Team – Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech

GM Bogman – Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech

The 49ers need to go BPA with this pick, they have needs at CB, LB, DT, OL, WR and probably another RB to pair with McKinnon so this is kind of a wildcard pick but they have been linked to Edmunds already so I think it makes sense,


10. Oakland Raiders

Team – Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College

GM Bogman – Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College

4 in a row that are the same is getting boring but these picks make sense, the Raiders get a high upside DE to pair with Kahlil Mack.


11. Miami Dolphins

Team – Josh Rosen QB, UCLA

GM Bogman – Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville

You’ve heard me say I think that Lamar Jackson will go in the top 15 and here it is!  I just have a hunch that Lamar will go somewhere we haven’t even really thought of yet and in my opinion Ryan Tannehill is the bargain version on Lamar Jackson.  Josh Rosen would be a much safer option if he was available.


12. Buffalo Bills

Team – Josh Allen QB, Wyoming

GM Bogman – Maurice Hurst DT, Michigan

If you listened to today’s Full 60 Fantasy Football pod (On Fantrax) you heard my rant about how some teams take a player off their board because of a medical issue.  Mo Hurst has an irregular heartbeat and Tony Pauline says that going out of the first round and possibly all the way to the 3rd. The Bills need a DT and I think he fits but they have also been desperately trying to move up to get a QB so it would be hard for them to pass up Josh Allen falling all the way down to 12.


13. Washington Redskins

Team – Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama

GM Bogman – Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama

This could be Guice but I also think that RB has some depth in this draft class so Payne should be the pick here.  The Redskins proved that they are willing to take Alabama defensive players last year when they took Jonathan Allen.


14. Green Bay Packers

Team – Josh Jackson CB, Iowa

GM Bogman – Josh Jackson CB, Iowa

The Packers did re sign Tramon Williams to help with the secondary but he’s really old, like my age.  So Josh Jackson comes into pair with Kevin King for the long term.


15. Arizona Cardinals

Team – Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville

GM Bogman – Josh Allen QB, Wyoming

Sam Bradford can’t stay on the field, I know that they signed Mike Glennon just for that reason but they could both use at least a year to sit so either one would make sense here.



16. Baltimore Ravens

Team – Derrius Guice RB, LSU

GM Bogman – Billy Price C, Ohio State

Guice could be a game changer for the Ravens, they have been looking for a RB for a long time.  Kenneth Dixon was supposed to be the guy and they like what they have gotten from Alex Collins but Guice could shut the door on that problem finally.  I like Billy Price because I think there is RB depth later and they need to keep Joe Flacco upright.


17. Los Angeles Chargers

Team – Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama

GM Bogman – Vita Vea DT, Washington

Vita Vea is supposed to be moving up in the draft, he’s been rumored to be a top 15 guy but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.  This is kind of an either/or thing, the Chargers will probably hit both of these positions anyway but a DT to free up the current ILBs I think would have the most immediate impact.


18. Seattle Seahawks

Team – Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia

GM Bogman – Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia

KEEP RUSSELL WILSON ON THE FIELD!!!  That should be priority #1 for this team, plus all those RB problems could be related to the god awful OL they Seahawks have had for awhile.



19. Dallas Cowboys

Team – Leighton Vander-Esch ILB, Boise State

GM Bogman – Courtland Sutton WR, SMU

Both of these hit the two major needs for the Cowboys.  WR is the biggest need for this team after Dez was cut and Sutton has the most upside, Vander-Esch should be the eventual Sean Lee replacement and it looks like he already is filling in with this narrowing spine issue.


20. Detroit Lions

Team – Derwin James S, Florida State

GM Bogman – Derwin James S, Florida State

I’m not sure how James would last this far but the Lions stop the slide at 20, this would be a dream scenario for them getting a top talent to fall.  Someone always seems to fall, most have Fitzpatrick falling so if it is him maybe Derwin goes to the Bucs at 7.



21. Cincinnati Bengals

Team – Frank Ragnow C, Arkansas

GM Bogman – Mike McGlinchey OT, Notre Dame

The Bengals need a lot of help but OL is the biggest, I think McGlinchey is the best one on the board but the Bengals play by play guy has been right like 10 years in a row and he picked Frank Ragnow.


22. Buffalo Bills

Team – Courtland Sutton WR, SMU

GM Bogman – James Daniels C, Iowa

The Bills had the least receptions by WRs last season and Sutton is the WR with the most upside in this class.  James Daniels would be a nice replacement for Eric Wood.


23. New England Patriots

Team – Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State

GM Bogman – Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest

The Pats have been tied to Lamar Jackson but I don’t know if they have enough juice to move up to get him but BB really wants to get a new backup for Brady.  The Pats had defensive issues all season last year and could use someone to put some pressure on the QB.


24. Carolina Panthers

Team – Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama

GM Bogman – Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama

The Panthers need targets, McCaffery is their #1 target at this point and Calvin Ridley would probably come in and open up the whole offense.


25. Tennessee Titans

Team – Marcus Davenport DE, UTSA

GM Bogman – Marcus Davenport DE, UTSA

The Titans are desperate for a pass rusher and Marcus Davenport fits because while he has some things to work on he can definitely come in and make an impact as a pass rusher from day one.


26. Atlanta Falcons

Team – Taven Bryan DT, Florida

GM Bogman – Taven Bryan DT, Florida

The Falcons don’t have a lot of holes but DT and WR are probably the 2 biggest for them so it’s probably between Bryan and DJ Moore.


27. New Orleans Saints

Team – Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina

GM Bogman – Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State

Hayden Hurst is the TE that the Saints spent the most time with but Goedert is the best Jimmy Graham replacement in this draft and the Saints have been looking for one for awhile now.



28. Pittsburgh Steelers

Team – Justin Reid S, Stanford

GM Bogman – Justin Reid S, Stanford

The Steelers really need a Shazier replacement but none of the LBs fell to them in either mock so Justin Reid can sit for a year, play ST and in sub packages.  Morgan Burnett is a good option for this season but Reid will be the future.



29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Team – DJ Moore WR, Maryland

GM Bogman – DJ Moore WR, Maryland

The Jags were 5 minutes away from the Super Bowl last season so the team is pretty complete.  They did lose Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson so DJ Moore would slide in as a nice replacement.


30. Minnesota Vikings

Team – Connor Williams OT, Texas

GM Bogman – Connor Williams OT, Texas

How about a blind side protector for the new quarterback?  I’m not sure Connor Williams will slide this far but if he does I think the Vikings would snatch him up without a 2nd thought.


31. New England Patriots

Team – Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest

Bogman – Jaire Alexander CB, Louisville

So in both mocks the Pats windup with Ejiofor, Jaire Alexander is some peoples #1 corner in this class so having him fall to the end of the 1st round is the most Patriots thing ever.


32. Philadelphia Eagles

Team – Nick Chubb RB, Georgia

GM Bogman – Derrius Guice, LSU

Basically whoever the best RB is, this team is stacked (obviously) so they don’t have many needs.  The only position they don’t have an elite player is RB so the best one on the board will probably go to the Eagles unless they trade back.


1 Sam Darnold QB, USC CLE
2 Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State NYG
3 Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma NYJ
4 Bradley Chubb DE, NC State CLE
5 Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame DEN
6 Denzel Ward CB, Ohio State IND
7 Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama TB
8 Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia CHI
9 Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech SF
10 Harold Landry DE, Boston College OAK
11 Josh Rosen QB, UCLA MIA
12 Josh Allen QB, Wyoming BUF
13 Da’Ron Payne NT, Alabama WAS
14 Josh Jackson CB, Iowa GB
15 Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville AZ
16 Derrius Guice RB. LSU BAL
17 Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama LAC
18 Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia SEA
19 Leighton Vander-Esch ILB. Boise State DAL
20 Derwin James S, Florida State DET
21 Frank Ragnow C, Arkansas CIN
22 Courtland Sutton WR, SMU BUF
23 Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State NE
24 Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama CAR
25 Marcus Davenport EDGE, UTSA TEN
26 Taven Bryan DT, Florida ATL
27 Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina NO
28 Justin Reid S, Stanford PIT
29 DJ Moore WR, Maryland JAX
30 Connor Williams OT, Texas MIN
31 Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest NE
32 Nick Chubb RB, Georgia PHI


GM Bogman
1 Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State CLE
2 Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State NYG
3 Sam Darnold QB, USC NYJ
4 Josh Rosen QB, UCLA CLE
5 Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma DEN
6 Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame IND
7 Minkah Fitzpatrick S/CB, Alabama TB
8 Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia CHI
9 Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech SF
10 Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College OAK
11 Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville MIA
12 Maurice Hurst DT, Michigan BUF
13 Da’Ron Payne NT, Alabama WAS
14 Josh Jackson CB, Iowa GB
15 Josh Allen QB, Wyoming AZ
16 Billy Price C, Ohio State BAL
17 Vita Vea NT, Washington LAC
18 Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia SEA
19 Courtland Sutton WR, SMU DAL
20 Derwin James S, Florida State DET
21 Mike McGlinchey OT, Notre Dame CIN
22 James Daniels C, Iowa BUF
23 Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest NE
24 Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama CAR
25 Marcus Davenport EDGE, UTSA TEN
26 Taven Bryan DT, Florida ATL
27 Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State NO
28 Justin Reid S, Stanford PIT
29 DJ Moore WR, Maryland JAX
30 Connor Williams OT, Texas MIN
31 Jaire Alexander CB, Louisville NE
32 Derrius Guice RB. LSU PHI
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27 Pau Gasol SAS – PF,C 27 Pau Gasol SAS – PF,C
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40 Aaron Gordon ORL – SF,PF 40 Chandler Parsons MEM – SF,PF
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43 Greg Monroe MIL – PF,C 43 Ryan Anderson HOU – PF,C
44 Thaddeus Young IND – SF,PF 44 Dirk Nowitzki DAL – PF,C
45 Harrison Barnes DAL – SF,PF 45 Danny Green SAS – SG,SF
46 Dirk Nowitzki DAL – PF,C 46 Marvin Williams CHA – SF,PF
47 Danny Green SAS – SG,SF 47 Kent Bazemore ATL – SG,SF
48 Ryan Anderson HOU – PF,C 48 Evan Fournier ORL – SG,SF
49 Kent Bazemore ATL – SG,SF 49 Danilo Gallinari DEN – SF
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Pick Round First Name Last Name Team Pos Owner
1 1 Clayton Kershaw LAD SP Bogman
2 1 Mike Trout LAA OF Vwhippie
3 1 Kris Bryant CHC 3B FAM
4 1 Mookie Betts BOS OF TheWelsh
5 1 Paul Goldschmidt AZ 1B Joe
6 1 Manny Machado BAL 3B SayWhen84
7 1 Nolan Arenado COL 3B Bdub
8 1 Jose Altuve HOU 2B markymark
9 1 Bryce Harper WSH OF Paul Sporer
10 1 Josh Donaldson TOR 3B EZ E
11 1 Anthony Rizzo CHC 1B DiaperSurprise
12 1 Carlos Correa HOU SS ports1369
13 2 Jose Fernandez MIA SP ports1369
14 2 Xander Bogaerts BOS SS DiaperSurprise
15 2 Corey Seager LAD SS EZ E
16 2 Jonathan Villar MIL SS Paul Sporer
17 2 Max Scherzer WSH SP markymark
18 2 Starling Marte PIT OF Bdub
19 2 Noah Syndergaard NYM SP SayWhen84
20 2 Miguel Cabrera DET 1B Joe
21 2 Francisco Lindor CLE SS TheWelsh
22 2 Jake Arrieta CHC SP FAM
23 2 Chris Sale CHW SP Vwhippie
24 2 Freddie Freeman ATL 1B Bogman
25 3 Charlie Blackmon COL OF Bogman
26 3 Madison Bumgarner SF SP Vwhippie
27 3 George Springer HOU OF FAM
28 3 Edwin Encarnacion TOR DH TheWelsh
29 3 David Price BOS SP Joe
30 3 Giancarlo Stanton MIA OF SayWhen84
31 3 Jacob DeGrom NYM SP Bdub
32 3 Corey Kluber CLE SP markymark
33 3 Joey Votto CIN 1B Paul Sporer
34 3 Carlos Carrasco CLE SP EZ E
35 3 Chris Archer TB SP DiaperSurprise
36 3 Stephen Strasburg WSH SP ports1369
37 4 Yu Darvish TEX SP ports1369
38 4 A.J. Pollock AZ OF DiaperSurprise
39 4 Chris Davis BAL 1B EZ E
40 4 J.D. Martinez DET OF Paul Sporer
41 4 Nelson Cruz SEA OF markymark
42 4 Matt Carpenter STL 3B Bdub
43 4 Jose Abreu CHW 1B SayWhen84
44 4 Buster Posey SF C Joe
45 4 Dee Gordon MIA 2B TheWelsh
46 4 Trevor Story COL SS FAM
47 4 Brian Dozier MIN 2B Vwhippie
48 4 Yoenis Cespedes NYM OF Bogman
49 5 Zack Greinke AZ SP Bogman
50 5 Kyle Seager SEA 3B Vwhippie
51 5 Robinson Cano SEA 2B FAM
52 5 Kyle Schwarber CHC OF TheWelsh
53 5 Trea Turner WSH SS Joe
54 5 Rougned Odor TEX 2B SayWhen84
55 5 Gregory Polanco PIT OF Bdub
56 5 Christian Yelich MIA OF markymark
57 5 Daniel Murphy WSH 2B Paul Sporer
58 5 Adam Jones BAL OF EZ E
59 5 Ryan Braun MIL OF DiaperSurprise
60 5 Andrew McCutchen PIT OF ports1369
61 6 Carlos Gonzalez COL OF ports1369
62 6 Justin Verlander DET SP DiaperSurprise
63 6 Todd Frazier CHW 3B EZ E
64 6 Carlos Martinez STL SP Paul Sporer
65 6 Eric Hosmer KC 1B markymark
66 6 Stephen Piscotty STL OF Bdub
67 6 Jon Lester CHC SP SayWhen84
68 6 Mark Trumbo BAL OF Joe
69 6 Matt Harvey NYM SP TheWelsh
70 6 Johnny Cueto SF SP FAM
71 6 Wil Myers SD 1B Vwhippie
72 6 Jean Segura AZ SS Bogman
73 7 Danny Salazar CLE SP Bogman
74 7 Alex Bregman HOU SS Vwhippie
75 7 Gerrit Cole PIT SP FAM
76 7 Jake Lamb AZ 3B TheWelsh
77 7 Cole Hamels TEX SP Joe
78 7 Addison Russell CHC 2B SayWhen84
79 7 Alex Reyes STL SP Bdub
80 7 Adrian Beltre TEX 3B markymark
81 7 Zach Britton BAL RP Paul Sporer
82 7 Masahiro Tanaka NYY SP EZ E
83 7 Ian Desmond TEX OF DiaperSurprise
84 7 DJ LeMahieu COL 2B ports1369
85 8 Miguel Sano MIN DH ports1369
86 8 Jose Quintana CHW SP DiaperSurprise
87 8 Ian Kinsler DET 2B EZ E
88 8 Danny Duffy KC SP Paul Sporer
89 8 Aroldis Chapman CHC RP markymark
90 8 Aledmys Diaz STL SS Bdub
91 8 Anthony Rendon WSH 3B SayWhen84
92 8 Jose Bautista TOR OF Joe
93 8 Felix Hernandez SEA SP TheWelsh
94 8 Jackie Bradley BOS OF FAM
95 8 Billy Hamilton CIN OF Vwhippie
96 8 Kenley Jansen LAD RP Bogman
97 9 Jeurys Familia NYM RP Bogman
98 9 Gary Sanchez NYY C Vwhippie
99 9 Mark Melancon PIT RP FAM
100 9 Aaron Sanchez TOR SP TheWelsh
101 9 Craig Kimbrel BOS RP Joe
102 9 Marcus Stroman TOR SP SayWhen84
103 9 Dallas Keuchel HOU SP Bdub
104 9 Jonathan Lucroy TEX C markymark
105 9 Edwin Diaz SEA RP Paul Sporer
106 9 Kenta Maeda LAD SP EZ E
107 9 Dellin Betances NYY RP DiaperSurprise
108 9 Maikel Franco PHI 3B ports1369
109 10 Hanley Ramirez BOS OF ports1369
110 10 Jason Kipnis CLE 2B DiaperSurprise
111 10 David Robertson CHW RP EZ E
112 10 Lance McCullers HOU SP Paul Sporer
113 10 John Lackey CHC SP markymark
114 10 Jameson Taillon PIT SP Bdub
115 10 Kyle Hendricks CHC SP SayWhen84
116 10 Michael Brantley CLE OF Joe
117 10 Andrew Miller CLE RP TheWelsh
118 10 Adrian Gonzalez LAD 1B FAM
119 10 Lorenzo Cain KC OF Vwhippie
120 10 Evan Longoria TB 3B Bogman
121 11 Andrew Benintendi BOS OF Bogman
122 11 Justin Upton DET OF Vwhippie
123 11 J.T. Realmuto MIA C FAM
124 11 Steven Matz NYM SP TheWelsh
125 11 Julio Teheran ATL SP Joe
126 11 Khris Davis OAK OF SayWhen84
127 11 Ben Zobrist CHC 2B Bdub
128 11 Rick Porcello BOS SP markymark
129 11 Jung Ho Kang PIT 3B Paul Sporer
130 11 Adam Eaton CHW OF EZ E
131 11 Wilson Ramos WSH C Oreos
132 11 Seung-Hwan Oh STL RP ports1369
133 12 Ken Giles HOU RP ports1369
134 12 Rich Hill OAK SP Oreos
135 12 Trevor Bauer CLE SP EZ E
136 12 David Dahl COL OF Paul Sporer
137 12 Albert Pujols LAA 1B markymark
138 12 Sam Dyson TEX RP Bdub
139 12 Adam Duvall CIN OF SayWhen84
140 12 Troy Tulowitzki TOR SS Joe
141 12 Roberto Osuna TOR RP TheWelsh
142 12 Nomar Mazara TEX OF FAM
143 12 Lucas Giolito WSH SP Vwhippie
144 12 Eduardo Nunez SF 3B Bogman
145 13 Carlos Rodon CHW SP Bogman
146 13 Michael Fulmer DET SP Vwhippie
147 13 Chris Tillman BAL SP FAM
148 13 Matt Kemp ATL OF TheWelsh
149 13 Mike Moustakas KC 3B Joe
150 13 Byron Buxton MIN OF SayWhen84
151 13 Tony Watson PIT RP Bdub
152 13 Odubel Herrera PHI OF markymark
153 13 Tanner Roark WSH SP Paul Sporer
154 13 Hunter Pence SF OF EZ E
155 13 Justin Turner LAD 3B Oreos
156 13 Yasiel Puig LAD OF ports1369
157 14 Willson Contreras CHC C ports1369
158 14 Wade Davis KC RP Oreos
159 14 Evan Gattis HOU C EZ E
160 14 Salvador Perez KC C Paul Sporer
161 14 J.A. Happ TOR SP markymark
162 14 Carlos Santana CLE 1B Bdub
163 14 Javier Baez CHC SS SayWhen84
164 14 Kevin Gausman BAL SP Joe
165 14 Jon Gray COL SP TheWelsh
166 14 A.J. Ramos MIA RP FAM
167 14 Jake Odorizzi TB SP Vwhippie
168 14 Neil Walker NYM 2B Bogman
169 15 Yasmany Tomas AZ OF Bogman
170 15 Michael Wacha STL SP Vwhippie
171 15 Jason Hammel CHC SP FAM
172 15 Dansby Swanson ATL SS TheWelsh
173 15 Sonny Gray OAK SP Joe
174 15 Devon Travis TOR 2B SayWhen84
175 15 Josh Bell PIT OF Bdub
176 15 Elvis Andrus TEX SS markymark
177 15 Jonathan Schoop BAL 2B Paul Sporer
178 15 Steven Wright BOS SP EZ E
179 15 Alex Cobb TB SP Oreos
180 15 Brandon Belt SF 1B ports1369
181 16 Collin McHugh HOU SP ports1369
182 16 Ender Inciarte ATL OF Oreos
183 16 Randal Grichuk STL OF EZ E
184 16 Michael Saunders TOR OF Paul Sporer
185 16 Kole Calhoun LAA OF markymark
186 16 Jedd Gyorko STL 2B Bdub
187 16 Julio Urias LAD SP SayWhen84
188 16 Anthony DeSclafani CIN SP Joe
189 16 Dexter Fowler CHC OF TheWelsh
190 16 Ryan Schimph SD 2B FAM
191 16 Yoan Moncada BOS SS Vwhippie
192 16 Blake Snell TB SP Bogman
193 17 Michael Conforto NYM OF Bogman
194 17 Tyler Glasnow PIT SP Vwhippie
195 17 Gio Gonzalez WSH SP FAM
196 17 Dustin Pedroia BOS 2B TheWelsh
197 17 Raisel Iglesias CIN RP Joe
198 17 Mike Leake STL SP SayWhen84
199 17 Aaron Nola PHI SP Bdub
200 17 Sean Manaea OAK SP markymark
201 17 Victor Martinez DET DH Paul Sporer
202 17 Francisco Rodriguez DET RP EZ E
203 17 Carlos Gomez TEX OF Oreos
204 17 AJ Reed HOU 1B ports1369
205 18 Jose Berrios MIN SP ports1369
206 18 Carter Capps MIA RP Oreos
207 18 Tyson Ross SD SP EZ E
208 18 Brad Miller TB SS Paul Sporer
209 18 Garrett Richards LAA SP markymark
210 18 Brian McCann NYY C Bdub
211 18 Russell Martin TOR C SayWhen84
212 18 Starlin Castro NYY 2B Joe
213 18 Michael Pineda NYY SP TheWelsh
214 18 Jeff Samardzija SF SP FAM
215 18 Luis Severino NYY SP Vwhippie
216 18 Sandy Leon BOS C Bogman


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