2017 Fantasy Baseball Top 350 Prospect Rankings

Updated: February 22, 2017



Dynasty Baseball leagues are the best! One of those reasons are having a minor league system to build with! We talk about all the major prospects on the Fantasy Baseball Prospect Show, Prospect One, so make sure to check it out! One of those things are the ranking of these minor league players. Below you’ll find my top 50 fantasy prospect rankings, and a few blurbs on the guys, as I put them in groups of 10.


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Rank Name Team MLB Start Pos
1 Yoan Moncada CHW 2016 2B/3B
2 Andrew Benintendi BOS 2016 OF
3 Dansby Swanson ATL 2016 SS
4 Gleyber Torres NYY 2018 SS
5 Eloy Jimenez CHC 2019 1B/OF
6 Cody Bellinger LAD 2017 1B/OF
7 Austin Meadows PIT 2017 OF
8 Rafael Devers BOS 2018 3B
9 Victor Robles WAS 2019 OF
10 JP Crawford PHI 2017 SS


Like any top 10 should be, it’s bursting with talent. We could see 6 of these 10 play in the majors this season, and move out of prospect rankings list. Depending how things go Rafael Devers and Gleyber Torres could see time as well, leaving Victor Robles and Eloy Jimenez as the only two who for sure won’t be up at all this season. Benintendi and Moncada are the no doubters in this group, I like the ceiling of Moncada just a notch over Benintendi. Gleyber could jump Swanson for me here very soon, maybe before the season even starts, he is so impressive. Bellinger has had tons of run on the Prospect One podcast, and it’s a huge decision between him and Eloy. Bellinger for the now or next year, Eloy for a rebuild. Meadows I feel is underrated, and Rafael Devers is one of my favorite players in the minors. He is a major target for me. Robles is as solid as they get, and I have some concerns about JP, but he could be a star!


11 Clint Frazier NYY 2017 OF
12 Brendan Rodgers COL 2018 SS
13 Nick Senzel CIN 2018 3B
14 Alex Reyes STL 2016 SP
15 Lucas Giolito CHW 2016 SP
16 Anderson Espinoza SD 2019 SP
17 Kyle Tucker HOU 2018 OF
18 Ian Happ CHC 2018 2B/OF
19 Michael Kopech CHW 2019 SP
20 Mickey Moniak PHI 2019 OF


Alex Reyes headlines this list, as my former #3 player, but now has been pushed down below the first round. If someone wanted to take Kopech or Espinoza over Reyes, I have no issue. I just think Reyes could be back in acton before Espinoza is in the majors, and the argument is tougher with Kopech. Senzel is a super safe pick here, as is grumpy face Ian Happ. LOTS of upside from outfielders Frazier, Tucker and Moniak. My trending down guys, whom both were top 10 last year are Rodgers and Giolito. Not avoiding, just with so many guys moving up, I really want to see how this season plays out. I might let someone else take those picks. Senzel is likely to jump Rodgers soon.


21 Manny Margot SD 2016 OF
22 Kyle Lewis SEA 2018 OF
23 Brent Honeywell TB 2018 SP
24 Yadier Alvarez LAD 2019 SP
25 Kevin Maitan ATL 2020 SS/3B
26 Vladimir Guerrero Jr TOR 2019 3B/1B
27 Hunter Renfroe SD 2016 OF
28 Blake Rutherford NYY 2019 OF
29 Corey Ray MLW 2018 OF
30 Lewis Brinson MLW 2017 OF


This is a major upside range of prospects. Vlad Jr and Maitan are the biggest upside guys here. You could also call them boom or bust with how high they are going. Alvarez is the pitcher version of those two as well. I am all about owning those three if possible. I’ve seen Brent Honeywell’s screwball in action, and it is scary! He was unhittable at the AFL Fall Stars game, but I worry when it gets away from him, we’ll see some blow ups. Margot is a great stuff and things guy for the future. I changed my tune a little putting Rutherford over Ray after watching some more video on Blake, but both are solid solid option. Brinson and Renfroe almost seem like old news at this point, but plenty of upside still.


31 Tyler Glasnow PIT 2016 SP
32 Franklin Barreto OAK 2017 SS/2B
33 Amed Rosario NYM 2018 SS
34 Bradley Zimmer CLE 2017 OF
35 Jason Groome BOS 2019 SP
36 Jose De Leon TB 2016 SP
37 Leody Taveras TEX 2020 OF
38 Willy Adames TB 2018 SS
39 Mitch Keller PIT 2018 SP
40 Ozhaino Albies ATL 2018 SS


Four SS show up here, and personally I might like Adames the most, as I believe he will be the biggest deal of the four. Albies offense for fantasy worries me, Rosario will probably go too high due to sites like Baseball America and MLB.com who rank his overall prospect upside, and defense doesn’t matter for us. I still do like Barreto though, good offensive skills, even though it was more struggle last year. Glasnow, Groome, De Leon and Keller are all good options, if you’ve gone bats for your first three picks, but I might still wait until you hit the 45 – 60 range for some aces. Keller is ticking way up. Zimmer has all the tools, but maybe average, so that dropped him. Taveras is the Victor Robles upside guy of this years draft it seems. We need a full season, but he’s worth taking in the 4th of a 12 team minor league draft.


41 Reynaldo Lopez CHW 2016 SP
42 Francis Martes HOU 2018 SP
43 Aaron Judge NYY 2016 OF
44 Francisco Mejia CLE 2018 C
45 Isan Diaz MLW 2019 SS/2B
46 Josh Bell PIT 2019 1B
47 Carson Kelly STL 2017 C
48 Delvin Perez STL 2020 SS
49 Ronald Acuna ATL 2019 OF
50 Tyler O’Neill SEA 2018 OF


Acuna I am very aggressive on, and the more that I watch him, the more I want to own him if it “clicks” (which it has started to do). Perez and Diaz are fantastic middle infield options here. Diaz is a bat that you want who tries to mold himself after Robinson Cano, and Delvin Perez I believe we’ll be looking at near the top of prospect lists as soon as 2018. Bell and Judge are in the majors, so don’t forget on them! I typically don’t like catchers in fantasy, but Mejia and Kelly are both worth it in the 45 – 60 range of picks. Mejia is the Average bat and Kelly is the power guy. Lopez is a personal favorite of mine, but some fear future bullpen. Martes may get a shot, sooner rather than later. Last with Tyler O’Neill, I want to like him after watch him many times in the fall league, as he’s tons of hustle, but I don’t know if that power is going to fully play. He has name value, so I don’t want to kill the thought of drafting him, but I am a little lower than some.



That’s your top 50 fanasty prospects! The value though goes SO much deeper. Some of my biggest starting pitcher targets are in the 50 range, as well as some major late round targets all throughout thr 60 – 170 range! Looking for more beyond the 50 posted here? Click on the Patreon button and join as a SGT or above in the ITL army to get access to the Top 350 Fantasy Baseball Prospect Rankings. This list is updated every 2 weeks until the season starts, and will see updates every month. You’ll also get draft additions and the list moving beyond 350. Check it out today!


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