Fantasy Baseball Dynasty 10 Round Prospect Mock Draft

Updated: March 18, 2017


Prospect Mock Drafts you say!! Well of course! That’s what we do with Prospect One! (Make sure to check out the Fantasy Prospect Podcast, Prospect One on iTunes today! Also available anywhere you get podcasts)


I got 11 of our wonderful ITL Army members together to conduct a 10 round dynasty prospect draft. Let’s pretend you are starting up a brand new dynasty, and all prospect eligible players are available…well that is where we come in! My co-host at In This League Scott Bogman pulled the 1 slot! I got the 6 spot…and well you can check out all the results below. If you have questions submit them below, or email us for the prospect one podcast, @


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Let’s get to the mock…



1 1 Bogman Yoan Moncada
1 2 Scott Cody Bellinger
1 3 Chamey Andrew Beintendi
1 4 Steve Victor Robles
1 5 Joe Dansby Swanson
1 6 Welsh Gleyber Torres
1 7 Souriyo Austin Meadows
1 8 Thomas Brendan Rodgers
1 9 Craig Eloy Jimenez
1 10 Dusty Rafael Devers
1 11 Youngberg JP Crawford
1 12 Jesse Anderson Espinoza



So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The 2nd overall pick which was NOT a current or former Red Sox! Cody Bellinger over Benintendi is a bold statement. I asked Scott about the pick, and he said he knew it was a little different, but he felt the prolific power that Bellinger holds, will be more valuable then the toolsy Benintendi. I don’t actually totally disagree with the idea (though I am not doing this myself). Something fair to say as well, is that the 20-30 range has some strong outfield prospects if you are looking to balance out your minor league roster instead of just BAP. Personally Torres is a STEAL at 6. He is a superstar in the making, and I couldn’t have been happier. I would have been willing to go 3 for Torres (back to being fair, there are some solid SS options later as well, depending what you want to do with risk picking aka Maitan). Love the Eloy pick, surprised he fell. Back half of this draft is also solid.



2 13 Jesse Nick Senzel
2 14 Youngerg Lucas Giolito
2 15 Dusty Clint Frazier
2 16 Craig Kyle Tucker
2 17 Thomas Tyler Glasnow
2 18 Souriyo Lewis Brinson
2 19 Welsh Michael Kopech
2 20 Joe Alex Reyes
2 21 Steve Vlad Guerrero Jr
2 22 Chamey Kyle Lewis
2 23 Scott Corey Ray
2 24 Bogman Mickey Moniak



2016 1st round draft pick Nick Senzel shows up as the first pick in the 2nd round, and I like it. Four pitchers went in this round, and I was surprised I got Michael Kopech. I think Reyes is a great value regardless of the injury, and I may have taken him had Kopech gone. I am not a Giolito guy, so I don’t live that. Vlad Jr might and probably is the biggest upside here, and I was sad to not get him. All those Outfielders I was talking about with the 2nd overall pick ended the 2nd round. Moniak as the final pick in the 2nd is really solid to go with Moncada.


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3 25 Bogman Brent Honeywell
3 26 Scott Kevin Maitan
3 27 Chamey Josh Hader
3 28 Steve Yadier Alvarez
3 29 Joe Ian Happ
3 30 Welsh Blake Rutherford
3 31 Souriyo Manny Margot
3 32 Thomas Amed Rosario
3 33 Craig Jason Groome
3 34 Dusty Willy Adames
3 35 Youngberg Josh Bell
3 36 Jesse Ronald Acuna



There is a LOT to like about this round. I think this 3rd round might be as important as the 1st. You can view the 1st as full of “Chalk” if you will. Lots of easy picks to be made in the 1st, but the 3rd is such a great place to take your high upside guy (like Vlad JR in the 2nd). Maitan at 26 overall is my favorite favorite favorite, and I just knew he wouldn’t come back, but I dreamed. Alvarez, Acuna, Adames and Rutherford are HIGH upside fantasy picks. Love all here. Happ is a solid pick with the spring he’s had, and Rosario is a great value. or Baseball America always have Rosario as a top 10 (accounting for defense), and I like him, just not there, but at 32 overall…solid!



4 37 Jesse Mitch Keller
4 38 Youngerg Ozzie Albies
4 39 Dusty Jose De Leon
4 40 Craig Francis Martes
4 41 Thomas AJ Puk
4 42 Souriyo Riley Pint
4 43 Welsh Leody Taveras
4 44 Joe Bradley Zimmer
4 45 Steve Francisco Mejia
4 46 Chamey Zack Collins
4 47 Scott Adrian Morejon
4 48 Bogman Franklin Barreto



Two catchers went in this round, which is a trip, but I get it. I mean I am not taking Zack Collins as the 46th overall player, but he is the real deal. I’ve seen him in person in two different settings, the Arizona Fall League and mid way thru a spring training game. He’s a total live bat, and a solid catcher. I would want him, but I often say “read the room” and I’d be surprised had he not fallen back to the 5th round, or even the 6th. My favorite picks of this round are Keller, Mejia and Morejon. It’s funny Keller is probably one of the biggest risers this year as a Starting Pitcher that we’ve seen a lot of and Adrian Morejon is one of the biggest risers this year as a Starting Pitcher that we’ve seen very little of. I will take the risk with Morejon.



5 49 Bogman Cal Quantrill
5 50 Scott Alex Kiriloff
5 51 Chamey Kolby Allard
5 52 Steve Juan Soto
5 53 Joe James Kaprielan
5 54 Welsh Isan Diaz
5 55 Souriyo Jharel Cotton
5 56 Thomas Hunter Renfroe
5 57 Craig Ian Anderson
5 58 Dusty Luke Weaver
5 59 Youngberg Reynaldo Lopez
5 60 Jesse Jorge Mateo



Lot’s of pitchers in the 5th round, 7 to be exact. Quantrill, Lopez and Kap are my favs here. Kiriloff had Tommy John after this draft took place, but injury or not, 50 was a little high for me. Juan Soto who I REALLY like, also was a bit high for me, but both picks become about getting “your” guy. Both players would have been iffy to make it back. One other note that I thought was interesting was that 3 players that are going to start the season and give immediate impact to you went here, Weaver, Renfroe and Cotton. I don’t love the Weaver pick, but all about Renfroe and Cotton.




6 61 Jesse Jeff Hoffman
6 62 Youngerg Carson Kelly
6 63 Dusty Robert Gsellman
6 64 Craig Raimel Tapia
6 65 Thomas Triston McKenzie
6 66 Souriyo Tyler Jay
6 67 Welsh Delvin Perez
6 68 Joe Nick Gordon
6 69 Steve Andres Gimenez
6 70 Chamey Bobby Bradley
6 71 Scott Tyler O’Neill
6 72 Bogman Braxton Garrett



Not a lot of sexy names here, but some very valuable names. This is the area of drafts where people can say “I don’t want anyone, yuck!” McKenzie, Perez, Garrett and Gimenez have very bright futures. One thing you can see with Steve is he is taking his “guys”. Gimenez is not on many top 100 lists, and probably would have fallen another round or two. He was getting close on my watch list, but I did take Torres and then followed it with Perez, so if I was a scare, it was unwarranted. Nothing wrong though with getting your guys, especially when you know what you’re doing (like Steve does). Scott Guthrie was very happy about O’Neill falling to 71. I don’t disagree, he was becoming a value at that point. Part of the fall might have been due to me, as I have simmered his top 40 talk.



7 73 Bogman Aaron Judge
7 74 Scott Nick Williams
7 75 Chamey Amir Garrett
7 76 Steve Thomas Szapucki
7 77 Joe Anthony Alford
7 78 Welsh Dominic Smith
7 79 Souriyo Ke’Bryan Hayes
7 80 Thomas Willie Calhoun
7 81 Craig Franklin Perez
7 82 Dusty Matt Chapman
7 83 Youngberg Dylan Cease
7 84 Jesse Matt Manning



Amir Garrett ended up being a great pick here. This was done before Spring Training started, and I believe had this been done now, he’d have gone top 50 with how he has come out guns blazing. I feel a lot better about Willie “June” Calhoun after seeing more of him at Camelback Ranch. He’s always impressive during BP, but what made me feel better was a scene at the Ranch where 4 coaches took Willie aside to an unused practice field and kept running 2nd base drills! That’s impressive to me, as he doesn’t have a 2B body. Continued belief in this kid is what we need. Jim Callis on my podcast mentioned he believed June would be an outfielder. Getting him on the field and in the lineup is what we want, and I am seeing continued work towards that! Great Starting Pitchers outside of Garrett in this round in Cease, Manning and Szapucki



8 85 Jesse Lucas Erceg
8 86 Youngerg Forrest Whitley
8 87 Dusty Mike Soroka
8 88 Craig Ramon Laureano
8 89 Thomas Fernando Romero
8 90 Souriyo Stephen Gonsalves
8 91 Welsh Walker Beuhler
8 92 Joe Sean Newcomb
8 93 Steve Sandy Alcantara
8 94 Chamey Tom Murphy
8 95 Scott Casey Gillaspie
8 96 Bogman Harrison Bader



Lucas Erceg is a great pick here. Especially as this was done before his hot spring. Best upside hitter in this round. Gonsalves and Alcantara are really good late round starting pitcher picks. One reason why I am comfortable getting my pitching late. I did just that after my Kopech pick when I took Walker Beuhler. Injuries set his excitement back, but many rankers have him inside their top 100 (as do I). Tom Murphy is not a pick a like, especially as the same team took Zack Collins a couple rounds prior. I have 3 catchers in my top 3, and they had already gone by round 8. Bogman’s final pick of Harrison Bader is sneaky good. I am higher on Bader than most. He isn’t flashy, he isn’t walking around with crazy tools, but he is a guy that will just get it done. Just watch!



9 97 Bogman Dylan Cozens
9 98 Scott Sixto Sanchez
9 99 Chamey Christin Stewart
9 100 Steve Fernando Tatis Jr
9 101 Joe Bobby Dalbec
9 102 Welsh Yohander Mendez
9 103 Souriyo Chance Sisco
9 104 Thomas David Paulino
9 105 Craig Oscar De La Cruz
9 106 Dusty Jesse Winker
9 107 Youngberg Jake Bauers
9 108 Jesse Luis Alexander Basabe



THREE…THREE of my guys went a head of me in this round. Very upset about Sixto Sanchez going, as I wanted to pair Kopech and Buehler with Sixto. Next up Fernando Tatis stung. I had a chance to watch him get into a spring training game. He walked and flew thru the bases. I grabbed his ear after the game, and this dude is just a ball player. I am excited to see him in the future. Then the pick right before me one of the guys I have been championing all off-season, Bobby Dalbec goes. That hurts. I went with a value pick in Mendez as he has been falling (great stuff, listen to my interview with Longenhagen a while back, but there is a bullpen fear). Winker and Basabe great picks near the end.



10 109 Jesse Jahmai Jones
10 110 Youngerg Will Benson
10 111 Dusty Alex Verdugo
10 112 Craig Jesus Luzardo
10 113 Thomas Richard Urena
10 114 Souriyo Lazaro Armenteros
10 115 Welsh Taylor Trammell
10 116 Joe Brady Aiken
10 117 Steve Tyler Beede
10 118 Chamey Zack Burdi
10 119 Scott Joey Wentz
10 120 Bogman Junior Fernandez



This is a great spot to go all out! If there are no more picks, I have no issue going way off list. I didn’t have to, as I was really surprised Taylor Trammell was still sitting around. I have him inside my top 85, and he’s a target of mine, so this was an EASY pick. Armenteros, Fernandez, Jones and Luzardo were all off board type of guys which are fine to take here. Wentz was a great value. I’d also say it’s super popular to hate on Brady Aiken this year, but at the 116th pick, I have no issue taking a shot in the dark. I love Will Benson btw.


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