San Diego Padres Top 10 Prospects

Updated: January 10, 2018


These are my Prospect One top 10 prospects for the San Diego Padres organization. You can find all teams organizational ranks, which go beyond the top 10, plus my top 500 prospect ranks which are updated monthly when you join up at the ITL ARMY. Find the link below.


Check out the NL West Top 10 Team Prospects podcast when Scott Bogman interviews me on my thoughts on these players plus a look beyond the top 10 for some teams.


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1) Fernando Tatis Jr. SS

I love me some Fernando Tatis Jr.  The 20/20 season, solid AVG, impressive ability to walk despite high strikeouts all get me excited. I watched and talked to him during spring training of ‘17 and no player has grown and developed faster that I can remember. His teammates go on about how special he is, and I believe that to be true. Tatis has the potential to be a top 3 prospect by the end of this year around the industry. Some of us he’s already about there. We could see some AVG issues, and potentially a dip in SB at the major league level, but my bet is on Tatis over anything else.

2) MacKenzie Gore SP

In 2017, no minor league pitcher looked better than Gore. I saw most of his AZL starts and his FB frustrated hitters every start. Not only was the mid 90’s FB a plus pitch, but his hard breaking curve was a huge strikeout weapon as was as good as his FB. He showed advanced command at the plate, and was a great athlete. I think Gore can be a SP1 in fantasy down the line, and expect him to move quickly through the Padres system.

3) Luis Urias SS/2B

Urias is a polished hitter at the plate. During the AFL I had the chance to see Urias 10-12 times and on a daily basis he displayed patience at the plate with impressive bat speed. He finished third in the AFL in walks and OBP. He does seem limited on his counting stats, but has some power to grow into, and low end speed that could sit around the low double digits. I’m interested to watch and compare him with Francisco Mejia over the next few years. Urias has all the tools to become a fantasy asset, we just have to wait and see how it translates at the highest level.

4) Adrian Morejon SP

My first interaction with Morejon was during extended spring training where he was tracking pitches on the back field. He was a bit smaller in person than his listening, but has a body that muscle can grow into. He’s a strong kid already though, he’s king of a bulldog. I get a Jake Peavy vipe with his aggressiveness. Morejon sits low 90’s with good command, a plus curve and a few variations of a changeup. I think Morejon could approach a SP2 in real life, and in the area of a SP3 in fantasy.

5) Michel Baez SP

Like Morejon, my first experience with Baez was on the backfields in Arizona. I was at the game to see Nick Pratto of the Royals, and Baez was starting the game. I was beyond impressed as Baez threw high 90’s and a biting slider that generated strikeouts. Baez went on to have a great season, that vaulted him near the top fantasy ranks. Baez has the potential to be SP2 or SP3 in fantasy, and if it doesn’t work in the rotation he could be closer.

6) Cal Quantrill SP

7) Anderson Espinoza SP

8) Esteury Ruiz 2B

9) Josh Naylor 1B

10) Luis Almanzar SS




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