Seattle Mariners Top 10 Prospects

Updated: January 11, 2018


These are my Prospect One top 10 prospects for the Seattle Mariners organization. You can find all teams organizational ranks, which go beyond the top 10, plus my top 500 prospect ranks which are updated monthly when you join up at the ITL ARMY. Find the link below.


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1) Kyle Lewis OF

Lewis is a top talent riddled with injuries so far in his short pro career. He made his way out to the AFL where I chatted with him a few times. He spent the first two weeks getting ready. He looked to be in a great shape and spirits. His first two games in the AFL he was killing it, only to have it end and be sent home due to soreness. All of that said he’s a 5-tool player that will hit for AVG, PWR and get you a handful of SB’s. The knock is will he stay healthy, I am going to bet on the positive side, and hope for the future middle of the order hitter that he can be.

2) Evan White 1B

White was the Mariners first round pick in 2017. He got a lot of Bellinger comps, but it was more about his plus DEF at 1B, but could also go play plus DEF in the OF. White’s got a solid doubles bat, but power is what we’re missing. We’d usually associate plus power with 1B, which if that doesn’t develop, could be the catalyst to a OF move. I am betting he’s going to develop his bat enough to find game power. Count me in.

3) Julio Rodriguez OF

Rodriguez’s power is something I want to bet on. He’s going to be 17 all of 2018 and get his first taste either in the DSL or AZL. He was a top 10 international prospect in most people’s eyes, and he is one of my favorites. He could have a special bat, but finding consistancy and a way to cut strikeouts down will be key. I want to buy on Rodriguez before everyone else does. Here is your chance.

4) Sam Carlson SP

Even before the Mariners gutted their system, Carlson was probably the best upside pitcher they had. Taken in the ‘17 draft, Carlson’s best pitch is his mid 90’s FB. He’s got the potentional to develop his slider and changeup to be plus pitches, and he had a good showing in the AZL to start his career off. I like Carlson as he’s a cheaper pitcher option that quite a few other “hotter” names from this most recent draft class.

5) Eric Filia OF/1B

Filia is a hitting machine. This one might seem odd to some, as I doubt many would rank him this high. Well 1. The Mariners system is currently one if not THE worst and 2. What Filia brings is proximity to the majors that could pay off. He hit in ‘17, and won the AFL batting title hitting over .400. He can play 1B or OF, which will get him in the lineup. He doesn’t show much power or speed, but the guy can flat out hit. Filia is known by many for his booty waggle before he steps to the plate and very open stance. Don’t let it fool you, he might be a dude. I wouldn’t count this as someone more than a utility guy, but I always wouldn’t count him out as a late bloomer.

6) Max Povse SP

7) Joe Rizzo 3B

8) Dan Vogelbach 1B

9) Juan Querecuto SS

10) Braden Bishop OF




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