Episode 13 – Hockey analytics with Rob Vollman

Updated: September 25, 2015


Special guest Rob Vollman — the hockey analytics pioneer behind Hockey Abstract and a major contributor to ESPN Insider and Hockey Prospectus — joins hosts Tony Healey and Brian Matthews on the latest installment of the ITL Fantasy Hockey Podcast.

Vollman leads an easy-to-understand and focused discussion on how to use modern advanced statistical hockey analysis when playing fantasy hockey. Learn more about Rob’s groundbreaking player usage charts and how they can help you unearth hidden gems on draft day. Look beyond traditional stats to find out which goaltenders are really elite using home plate save percentage. And if you’re wondering about player projections and how all 30 NHL teams will fare this season, look no further than his exclusive team-by-team analysis.

Visit www.hockeyabstract.com to learn more about Rob’s work and to purchase the 2015 PDF version of the Abstract. It’s available for $7.50 ($10CDN).

You can follow Rob on Twiiter @RobVollmanNHL and our guys at @NHLRoto and @T_Loc11

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