The Under 20 MiLB Stat Leaders for 2017

Updated: September 22, 2017


When you start to try and find the next prospect gems, the eye test is the place to start. When you see these guys in person, you see the nuances. Lack of contact, but ++ raw power. Advanced hit tool, but zero power just yet. Guess what though, for 99% of people this isn’t possible. Even for the 1%, eyes on every one of these guys just isn’t possible (though thank you youtube). Now let’s raise it up a notch, we are adjusting for fantasy baseball! So you get the idea. That’s where stat diving is our friend. Most scouts aren’t going to base much of the stats, which is understandable, especially at the lower levels. Sometimes though, you dig and find those trends at the lower levels that translate as they move up. Sixto Sanchez is a good example. 80 grade name, but he wasn’t on tons and tons of radars coming into early 2017 or call it around the Arizona Fall League last year. In 2016 though, with only 54 innings pitched in the GCL, the then 18 year old put up a .50 ERA. He also didn’t give up a home run. This flashing light on his stat sheet got many to dig deeper. For the fantasy community, it allowed some to get aggressive in making sure they owned him in 2017, just in case it is real. Sixto didn’t disappoint this year either. He pitched 95 innings, with a 3.03 ERA. He is now among most fantasy prospect rankers as a top 10 starting pitcher. I use Sixto as the example to show a useful tool is taking a look at not just the stat leaders for future stars, but look at the stats to uncover the next prospect to break out.


What I’ve done here is find the leaders at a number of different stats, but the player had to be under 20 years old for me to count him. There are going to be names you expect, but plenty you’ve never even heard of. Will this mean these are 2018’s breakout guys, no, but it doesn’t mean these guys aren’t trending in the right direction to possibly become targets just in case they do!


First up is hitting. Let’s look at average, homeruns and stolen bases.





10 under 20 with 200 AB’s or more hit .300 or better

Nicolas Torres  2B, PHI 17 YO – .333 in 240 AB

Vladimir Guerrero Jr  3B, TOR 18 YO – .323 in 437 AB

Esteury Ruiz  2B, SDP 18 YO – .350 in 206 AB

Ronald Acuna  OF, ATL 19 YO – .325 in 557 AB

Ronaldo Hernandez  C, TB 19 YO – .332 in 223 AB

Yorman Rodriguez  1B, TOR 19 YO – .333 in 261 AB

Romer Cuadrado  OF, LAD 19 YO – .335 in 260 AB

Colton Welker  3B, COL 19 YO –  .350 in 254 AB

Bo Bichette  SS, TOR 19 YO – .362 in 448 AB

Yoel Romero  3B, NYM 19 YO – .364 in 239 AB


5 under 20 hit 20 or more homeruns

Hudson Potts  3B, SD 18 YO – 20 HR in 491 AB

Fernando Tatis Jr  SS, SD 18 YO – 22 HR in 486 AB

Carlos Rincon  OF, LAD 19 YO – 21 HR in 385 AB

Ronald Acuna  OF, ATL 19 yo – 21 HR in 557 AB

Franmil Reyes  OF, SD 19 YO – 25 HR in 507 AB


7 under 20 had 70 or more RBI’s

Fernando Tatis Jr  SS, SD 18 YO – 75 RBI in 486 AB

Vladimir Guerrero Jr  3B, TOR 18 YO – 76 RBI in 437 AB

Bo Bichette  SS, TOR 19 YO – 74 RBI in 448 AB

Taylor Trammell  OF, CIN 19 YO – 77 RBI in 491 AB

Jesus Sanchez  OF, TB 19 YO – 82 RBI in 475 AB

Ronald Acuna  OF, ATL 19 YO – 82 RBI in 557 AB

Only 1 had over 100

Franmil Reyes  OF, SD 19 YO – 102 RBI in 507 AB


11 under 20 stole 30 or more bases

Eddy Diaz  SS, COL 17 YO – 30 SB in  132 AB

Deury Carrasco  SS, HOU 17 YO – 32 SB in 207 AB

Eguy Rosario  2B, SD 17 YO – 33 SB in 386 AB

Fernando Tatis Jr  SS, SD 18 YO – 32 SB in 486 AB

Cristian Pache  OF, ATL 18 YO – 32 SB in 469 AB

Yunior Martinez  OF, TB 18 YO – 35 SB in 189 AB

Lucius Fox  SS, TB 19 YO – 30 SB in 417 AB

Randy Ventura  OF, CIN 19 YO – 38 SB in 486 AB

3 under 20 stole 40 or more bases

Taylor Trammell  OF, CIN 19 YO – 41 SB in 491 AB

Ronald Acuna  OF, ATL 19 YO – 44 SB in 557 AB

Fernando Kelli  OF, CHC 18 YO – 58 SB in 244 AB


So who showed up more than once here? Anyone surprised Ronald Acuna showed up 4 times? Fernando Tatis jr showed up 3 times. Taylor Trammell and Bo Bichette both showed up twice, but Franmil Reyes was also a surprise two time list haver. There are also a few players I have covered in my Prospect One pod that I am fond of like Esteury Ruiz and Jesus Sanchez. How about we look at some pitching…




6 under 20 struck out 125 or more

Dustin May  SP, LAD 19 Y0 – 128 SKO in 134 Inn

Kolby Allard  SP, ATL 19 YO – 129 SKO in 150 Inn

Bryse Wilson  SP, ATL 19 YO – 139 SKO in 137 Inn

Forest Whitley  SP , HOU 19 YO – 143 SKO in 92.1 Inn

only 2 struck out 150 or more

Joey Wentz  SP, ATL 19 YO – 152 SKO in 131.2 Inn

Tristan McKenzie  SP, CLE 19 YO – 186 SKO in 143 Inn


3 under 20 with at least 50 innings pitched had a K/9 12 or higher

Deivi Garcia  SP, NYY 18 YO – 12.8 K/9 in 60 Inn

Cole Ragans  SP, TEX 19 YO – 13.7 K/9 in 57.1

Forest Whitley  SP, HOU 19 YO – 13.9 K/9 in 92.1 Inn


11 under 20 with at least 50 innings pitched had an ERA under 1.70

Aldry Acosta  SP, LAD 17 YO – 1.26 ERA in 57 Inn

Leonel Aponte  SP, PHI 17 YO – 0.77 ERA in 81.1 Inn

Joshua Javier  SP, AZ 18 YO – 1.44 ERA in 56.1 Inn

Angello Infante  SP, OAK 18 YO – 1.06 ERA in 67.2 Inn

Didier Vargas  SP, CHC 18 YO – 0.99 ERA in 63.2 Inn

Orlandy Navarro  SP, LAD 18 YO – 0.87 ERA in 52 Inn

Delvin Capellan  SP, KC 18 YO – 0.48 ERA in 56 Inn

Antonio Pujols  SP, HOU 19 YO – 1.65 ERA in 54.2 Inn

Jose Butto  SP, NYM 19 YO – 1.44 ERA in  50 Inn

Nathanael Perez  SP, TOR 19 YO – 1.42 ERA in 57 Inn

Fredderi Soto  SP, MIN 19 YO – 1.34 ERA in 53.2 Inn


5 under 20 with at least 50 innings pitched had a WHIP under 1.00

Angel Zerpa  SP, KC 17 YO – 0.911 WHIP in 63.2 Inn

Aldry Acosta  SP, LAD 17 YO – 0.825 WHIP in 57 Inn

Leonel Aponte  SP, PHI 17 YO – 0.787 WHIP in 81.1 Inn

Delvin Capellan  SP, KC 18 YO – 0.625 WHIP in 56 Inn

Willy Taveras  SP, NYM 19 YO – 0.914 WHIP in 70 Inn


Forest Whitley has moved into the ace category for fantasy pitchers, and is at worst a top 10 fantasy pitching option. He showed up twice in SKO’s and K/9. The others showing up twice were Delvin Capellan who had the lowest ERA and WHIP of anyone with 50 innings or more pitched in the minors, Aldry Acosta and Leonel Aponte.


So maybe this will help us get a little head start on our deep prospect drafting for 2018. Some of these guys are house hold names now, some will be soon, and possibly a few others in a couple years that will be as well! If you are looking for prospect rankings, check out the ITL Army and my top 450 Fantasy Prospect Rankings. I also list them by team and will have coverage on the 2018 international and draft class soon.

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I used Baseball Reference for a lot of my stat diving, so be aware of limitations on some of the listed stats. Guys like Ronald Acuna and Vlad were not listed on some of this due to the amount of AB’s at different levels. I may miss a guy or two that you might be screaming at me about!


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