Fantasy Basketball Position Ranks

Updated: October 5, 2017


Gentleman it’s that time of year again, to unleash some ranks! Now if you’re looking for ALL the ranks, click below to check out and join the ITL Army.  Currently we have top 50 at each position and our Top 150 is listed before we even do the episode. What we have for you here, is our top 15 at each position. What we’ve also done, is take out the position double up’s on this list. On Yahoo Steph Curry qualifies as PG and SG, but you won’t find him on the SG list here. So if you find yourself asking why you don’t see Anthony Davis on the center list, it’s because he’s set to be the PF! The lists at the ITL Army do use the Yahoo qualifications, so you can see how all the guys at each position stack up.


Below you’ll find all 5 position top 150’s from Bogman and The Welsh. To see it better, just zoom in on the document. Any questions regarding the ranks, you can leave them below, find us on twitter @IsItTheWelsh and @BogmanSports or you can listen to our Hell Week position episode series


Point Guard Ranks Episode

Shooting Guard Ranks Episode

Small Forward Ranks Episode

Power Forward Ranks Episode

Center Ranks Episode



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Point Guard Ranks




Shooting Guard Ranks




Small Forward Ranks




Power Forward Ranks




Center Ranks



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