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ITL Army IDP League Halftime Update



Hello there, ITL Nation! FAM here! We are approximately halfway through the fantasy football season. At this point, you should have a good idea whether your teams are contenders or pretenders. Or maybe you’re just delusional like me, who still thinks his teams have a shot at the playoffs when they’ve only won two games all year. Sometimes, you have to look at your studs and think, ‘sure, they can carry my team to the playoffs if I make one or two more good moves.’ This is why we play, folks. Before I tell you about the current state of the SoMuchFun IDP League, let me just reiterate how much fun (So Much Fun!) it is being in the ITL Army – you get quicker access to Bogman & the Welsh, especially with the GroupMe rooms, updated rankings, secret shows, and first access into mock drafts.


The playoff picture is starting to take shape, although obviously there are still plenty of games left to be played. As a reminder, there are 16 teams in this league and half make the playoffs. Trevor is continuing to lay waste over the league, averaging over 211 points per game, and he’s the only remaining undefeated team. On a personal note, I’m in another league with Trevor, and he is doing well in that one, too. That jerk. Team Stark is right behind him at 7-1, and two other teams are tied at 6-2. With 4 teams tied at 4-4, two tied at 3-5, and two tied at 2-6, even some of the mediocre teams still have a chance to make it to the fantasy postseason.

Image result for mediocre gifs

One team that is on a nice streak is Cornfield, who’s won three games in a row, thanks to Kareem Hunt who has dropped 94.50 in the last four weeks. Matt Stafford, Tyrell Williams, Dee Ford, Von Miller, and Landon Collins have also contributed to his team’s recent success. One team going in the opposite direction, sadly, is Berg, who’s lost 3 in a row. He’s still in the running for one of the last few playoff spots, but he’ll need more of an effort from his struggling stars Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Amari Cooper, Khalil Mack, and Jared Cook (although Cook did score a TD last week). At least he’s doing better than Jesse R, who has yet to win a game this year – Adam Thielen can’t do it all himself.


Clearly, these articles have had a direct correlation to Bogman’s recent surge – he has won four in a row, since my previous article. Because he’s the host of an IDP podcast, he’s been getting a lot of help from his defense (Blake Martinez, Leonard Williams, JPP, Za’Darius Smith, and Jerome Baker have all had multiple sacks within the last few weeks), while his offense is still being carried by Andrew Luck and James Conner (although Tyreek Hill did suffer an injury this week). The Welsh’s team has literally gone .500 since we last checked in- he has a surplus of QB depth (thanks to Big Ben, Andy Dalton, and Aaron Rodgers) and his defense is being led by Jadeveon Clowney, Chandler Jones, Jordan Hicks, and Cory Littleton, who has personally put up 91.50 points in the past few weeks.

Next article, I’ll tell you who will be facing off in the playoffs!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jonesy

    October 31, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Hell of a job Rob, keep it up!

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Fantasy Articles

ITL Army IDP League Third Quarter Update



Hello there! FAM here! Welcome to the ITL IDP SoMuchFun League playoff preview! I apologize for the lateness in this update – I was away last weekend in Mexico for a family wedding and was using up all my phone’s battery to follow my Cowboys as they upset the big, high-powered Saints. And let me tell you, it’s always fun being the only Dallas fan in a whole wedding full of Eagles fans. Anywho, enough about me – especially since my team did not make the playoffs here. It’s my first time not making the playoffs in this league, but I just have to shake it off and focus on next year. There’s always a flurry of trades once we get closer to the draft, and my core of Ezekiel Elliott, Julio Jones, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Myles Garrett makes me optimistic for the future. Now, let’s take a closer look at the teams who actually did make the playoffs.

Image result for playoffs gif

#1 seed Trevor vs #8 seed Jesse: Trevor has only lost once this year, so he earned the 1 seed and then some. Obviously, with a record like that, his team needs to have a lot of elite talent, and Mahomes, Gurley, Alec Ogletree, and JJ Watt certainly qualify as that. Jesse will absolutely put a fight, with Michael Thomas (and his plus matchup against TB), Cooks, red-hot Lamar Miller, Brate, Reshad Jones, Danielle Hunter, and Luke Kuechly. Jesse will also try to take advantage of Trevor’s weak WR corp (Tate, David Moore, MVS) to pull off the big upset. Maybe D’Onta Foreman, Tyler Boyd, or Dion Lewis (all currently on his bench) will help?

#2 seed Stevie/Mark vs #7 seed Craig/Thomas: Some co-owners squaring off in this one, Craig/Thomas have used their 2 top TE strategy to get into the playoffs and they have plenty of talent to make some noise: Brees, OBJ, Diggs, Ertz, Gronk, Derwin James, Josh Adams – several names to make up for weaker RBs. Obviously, Team Stark has talent on their side too – TJ Watt, John Johnson III, Clinton-Dix, Jameis, Juju, Kamara, and the currently “hot guy” Jaylon Samuels. I fully anticipate this being a fight to the finish.

#3 seed Evan vs #6 seed Berg: Two long-time ITL Army members (“first ballot Hall of Famers”, as Welsh likes to say) facing each other in the playoffs. Nothing better than that. Evan’s team is looking real good, lead by Rivers, Evans, CMC, James White, Ebron, Bobby Wagner, and Darius Leonard. Of course, Berg is not going to go down without a fight, as he’ll have Matty Ice, Amari Cooper, both Chicago RBs, Kelce, Kahlil Mack, Calais Campbell, Kiko Alonso, and the GOAT, Leighton Vander Esch, leading his roster.

#4 seed Bogman vs #5 seed John: Bogman is representing the Lords of ITL with his playoff matchup. He’s got a lot of Top Tier Players to make a run in the postseason: Luck, Tyreek Hill, Ingram, Fournette, Burton, Lindsay, Bubba Baker, JPP, Blake Martinez, and Telvin Smith. In his way is John’s lineup, led by Brady, Golladay (if Stafford can get his offense going), Saquon, Aaron Jones, Njoku, Roquan Smith, Cam Jordan, and Avery Williamson. The 4/5 matchups tend to be close affairs, and I expect nothing less with these two teams.

Best of luck to all our playoff teams! And if any of my fellow team managers want to trade me any Dallas Cowboys, I’d be happy to listen!

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Duel Mock Draft 2018



I'm not the biggest fan of Mock Drafts but I decided to do one on draft day.  I have one pick I think the team will make and then the pick I would make if I was that team.  A lot of them wind up being the same which actually kind of surprised me.  For those of you interested I will be on Youtube Live during all 3 days of the draft for all ITL Army members!  Come join the fun and talk football with me!

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1. Cleveland Browns

Team – Sam Darnold QB, USC

GM Bogman – Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State

Pretty simple here, the Browns are picking #1 overall and usually that team picks a QB.  Most teams have Darnold as #1 on their board and even with all of the rumors floating around about Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield I still think it’s going to be Darnold.  Personally, I would go with Barkley because he makes this team better right now and they have been adding talent like crazy this offseason.


2. New York Giants

Team – Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State

GM Bogman – Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State

I think either way the Giants get the best available player when they pick in these scenarios.  Barkley helps the offense that already has a lot in OBJ, Shepard and Engram. If Chubb is the pick then he is the immediate replacement for JPP and possibly an immediate upgrade


3. New York Jets

Team – Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma

GM Bogman – Sam Darnold QB, USC

The Jets gave up their 6th overall and 3 2nd round picks to move up 3 spots, I can’t see any scenario where they don’t take a QB.  The rumors are that they love Baker Mayfield, I would take Josh Rosen personally because I think he would be ready to step in from day one.  The reason I took Sam Darnold for them is because if I was the GM I wouldn’t want to piss off Woody Johnson (The Jets Owner) who does not care for the off field antics of Josh Rosen.  This stuff shouldn’t matter but it does.


4. Cleveland Browns

Team – Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State

GM Bogman – Josh Rosen QB, UCLA

I think the Browns win in either scenario at 4 here, another way they could win is to trade out of this spot to obtain multiple picks but for this exercise I didn’t do any trades.  Taking Chubb and pairing him with Myles Garrett would be great for a long time to come. Josh Rosen is my favorite QB in this draft so even though I like Tyrod Taylor, he’s on a one year contract and the Browns are looking for a face of the franchise.


5. Denver Broncos

Team – Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame

GM Bogman – Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

Nelson might be the best player in this draft and the need is perfect for the Broncos, who like the Browns have also been rumored to be shopping this pick.  Baker Mayfield I think fits for this team because he can sit behind Case Keenum (even though he’ll probably bitch the entire time) and the Broncos have good weapons at WR and are planning on adding a running back.


6. Indianapolis Colts

Team – Denzel Ward CB, Ohio State

GM Bogman – Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame

With Andrew Luck being out all year last year the #1 priority should be protecting him, if Nelson falls all the way to 6 it is a PERFECT scenario for the Colts who will have the best pick for them in this draft and added 2 more 2nds in this draft and one more next year.  Even if Nelson is gone Denzel Ward is a great pick because the Colts need help all over the defense.


7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Team – Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama

GM Bogman – Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama

Secondary help is probably the biggest need for the Bucs and Fitzpatrick offers the most versatility for the Bucs.  I know he’s a name that’s been slipping in a lot of mocks but this gives the Bucs some more options in the later rounds


8. Chicago Bears

Team – Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia

GM Bogman – Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia

The Bears added a lot of offensive firepower in the offseason and now it’s time to add some speed to this defense and Roquan Smith is the best defensive player in my opinion.  The Bears also visited Smith a bunch of times so I think this might be a fairly obvious pick



9. San Francisco 49ers

Team – Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech

GM Bogman – Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech

The 49ers need to go BPA with this pick, they have needs at CB, LB, DT, OL, WR and probably another RB to pair with McKinnon so this is kind of a wildcard pick but they have been linked to Edmunds already so I think it makes sense,


10. Oakland Raiders

Team – Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College

GM Bogman – Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College

4 in a row that are the same is getting boring but these picks make sense, the Raiders get a high upside DE to pair with Kahlil Mack.


11. Miami Dolphins

Team – Josh Rosen QB, UCLA

GM Bogman – Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville

You’ve heard me say I think that Lamar Jackson will go in the top 15 and here it is!  I just have a hunch that Lamar will go somewhere we haven’t even really thought of yet and in my opinion Ryan Tannehill is the bargain version on Lamar Jackson.  Josh Rosen would be a much safer option if he was available.


12. Buffalo Bills

Team – Josh Allen QB, Wyoming

GM Bogman – Maurice Hurst DT, Michigan

If you listened to today’s Full 60 Fantasy Football pod (On Fantrax) you heard my rant about how some teams take a player off their board because of a medical issue.  Mo Hurst has an irregular heartbeat and Tony Pauline says that going out of the first round and possibly all the way to the 3rd. The Bills need a DT and I think he fits but they have also been desperately trying to move up to get a QB so it would be hard for them to pass up Josh Allen falling all the way down to 12.


13. Washington Redskins

Team – Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama

GM Bogman – Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama

This could be Guice but I also think that RB has some depth in this draft class so Payne should be the pick here.  The Redskins proved that they are willing to take Alabama defensive players last year when they took Jonathan Allen.


14. Green Bay Packers

Team – Josh Jackson CB, Iowa

GM Bogman – Josh Jackson CB, Iowa

The Packers did re sign Tramon Williams to help with the secondary but he’s really old, like my age.  So Josh Jackson comes into pair with Kevin King for the long term.


15. Arizona Cardinals

Team – Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville

GM Bogman – Josh Allen QB, Wyoming

Sam Bradford can’t stay on the field, I know that they signed Mike Glennon just for that reason but they could both use at least a year to sit so either one would make sense here.



16. Baltimore Ravens

Team – Derrius Guice RB, LSU

GM Bogman – Billy Price C, Ohio State

Guice could be a game changer for the Ravens, they have been looking for a RB for a long time.  Kenneth Dixon was supposed to be the guy and they like what they have gotten from Alex Collins but Guice could shut the door on that problem finally.  I like Billy Price because I think there is RB depth later and they need to keep Joe Flacco upright.


17. Los Angeles Chargers

Team – Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama

GM Bogman – Vita Vea DT, Washington

Vita Vea is supposed to be moving up in the draft, he’s been rumored to be a top 15 guy but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.  This is kind of an either/or thing, the Chargers will probably hit both of these positions anyway but a DT to free up the current ILBs I think would have the most immediate impact.


18. Seattle Seahawks

Team – Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia

GM Bogman – Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia

KEEP RUSSELL WILSON ON THE FIELD!!!  That should be priority #1 for this team, plus all those RB problems could be related to the god awful OL they Seahawks have had for awhile.



19. Dallas Cowboys

Team – Leighton Vander-Esch ILB, Boise State

GM Bogman – Courtland Sutton WR, SMU

Both of these hit the two major needs for the Cowboys.  WR is the biggest need for this team after Dez was cut and Sutton has the most upside, Vander-Esch should be the eventual Sean Lee replacement and it looks like he already is filling in with this narrowing spine issue.


20. Detroit Lions

Team – Derwin James S, Florida State

GM Bogman – Derwin James S, Florida State

I’m not sure how James would last this far but the Lions stop the slide at 20, this would be a dream scenario for them getting a top talent to fall.  Someone always seems to fall, most have Fitzpatrick falling so if it is him maybe Derwin goes to the Bucs at 7.



21. Cincinnati Bengals

Team – Frank Ragnow C, Arkansas

GM Bogman – Mike McGlinchey OT, Notre Dame

The Bengals need a lot of help but OL is the biggest, I think McGlinchey is the best one on the board but the Bengals play by play guy has been right like 10 years in a row and he picked Frank Ragnow.


22. Buffalo Bills

Team – Courtland Sutton WR, SMU

GM Bogman – James Daniels C, Iowa

The Bills had the least receptions by WRs last season and Sutton is the WR with the most upside in this class.  James Daniels would be a nice replacement for Eric Wood.


23. New England Patriots

Team – Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State

GM Bogman – Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest

The Pats have been tied to Lamar Jackson but I don’t know if they have enough juice to move up to get him but BB really wants to get a new backup for Brady.  The Pats had defensive issues all season last year and could use someone to put some pressure on the QB.


24. Carolina Panthers

Team – Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama

GM Bogman – Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama

The Panthers need targets, McCaffery is their #1 target at this point and Calvin Ridley would probably come in and open up the whole offense.


25. Tennessee Titans

Team – Marcus Davenport DE, UTSA

GM Bogman – Marcus Davenport DE, UTSA

The Titans are desperate for a pass rusher and Marcus Davenport fits because while he has some things to work on he can definitely come in and make an impact as a pass rusher from day one.


26. Atlanta Falcons

Team – Taven Bryan DT, Florida

GM Bogman – Taven Bryan DT, Florida

The Falcons don’t have a lot of holes but DT and WR are probably the 2 biggest for them so it’s probably between Bryan and DJ Moore.


27. New Orleans Saints

Team – Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina

GM Bogman – Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State

Hayden Hurst is the TE that the Saints spent the most time with but Goedert is the best Jimmy Graham replacement in this draft and the Saints have been looking for one for awhile now.



28. Pittsburgh Steelers

Team – Justin Reid S, Stanford

GM Bogman – Justin Reid S, Stanford

The Steelers really need a Shazier replacement but none of the LBs fell to them in either mock so Justin Reid can sit for a year, play ST and in sub packages.  Morgan Burnett is a good option for this season but Reid will be the future.



29. Jacksonville Jaguars

Team – DJ Moore WR, Maryland

GM Bogman – DJ Moore WR, Maryland

The Jags were 5 minutes away from the Super Bowl last season so the team is pretty complete.  They did lose Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson so DJ Moore would slide in as a nice replacement.


30. Minnesota Vikings

Team – Connor Williams OT, Texas

GM Bogman – Connor Williams OT, Texas

How about a blind side protector for the new quarterback?  I’m not sure Connor Williams will slide this far but if he does I think the Vikings would snatch him up without a 2nd thought.


31. New England Patriots

Team – Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest

Bogman – Jaire Alexander CB, Louisville

So in both mocks the Pats windup with Ejiofor, Jaire Alexander is some peoples #1 corner in this class so having him fall to the end of the 1st round is the most Patriots thing ever.


32. Philadelphia Eagles

Team – Nick Chubb RB, Georgia

GM Bogman – Derrius Guice, LSU

Basically whoever the best RB is, this team is stacked (obviously) so they don’t have many needs.  The only position they don’t have an elite player is RB so the best one on the board will probably go to the Eagles unless they trade back.


1 Sam Darnold QB, USC CLE
2 Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State NYG
3 Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma NYJ
4 Bradley Chubb DE, NC State CLE
5 Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame DEN
6 Denzel Ward CB, Ohio State IND
7 Minkah Fitzpatrick CB/S, Alabama TB
8 Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia CHI
9 Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech SF
10 Harold Landry DE, Boston College OAK
11 Josh Rosen QB, UCLA MIA
12 Josh Allen QB, Wyoming BUF
13 Da’Ron Payne NT, Alabama WAS
14 Josh Jackson CB, Iowa GB
15 Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville AZ
16 Derrius Guice RB. LSU BAL
17 Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama LAC
18 Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia SEA
19 Leighton Vander-Esch ILB. Boise State DAL
20 Derwin James S, Florida State DET
21 Frank Ragnow C, Arkansas CIN
22 Courtland Sutton WR, SMU BUF
23 Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State NE
24 Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama CAR
25 Marcus Davenport EDGE, UTSA TEN
26 Taven Bryan DT, Florida ATL
27 Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina NO
28 Justin Reid S, Stanford PIT
29 DJ Moore WR, Maryland JAX
30 Connor Williams OT, Texas MIN
31 Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest NE
32 Nick Chubb RB, Georgia PHI


GM Bogman
1 Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State CLE
2 Bradley Chubb EDGE, NC State NYG
3 Sam Darnold QB, USC NYJ
4 Josh Rosen QB, UCLA CLE
5 Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma DEN
6 Quenton Nelson G, Notre Dame IND
7 Minkah Fitzpatrick S/CB, Alabama TB
8 Roquan Smith ILB, Georgia CHI
9 Tremaine Edmunds ILB, Virginia Tech SF
10 Harold Landry EDGE, Boston College OAK
11 Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville MIA
12 Maurice Hurst DT, Michigan BUF
13 Da’Ron Payne NT, Alabama WAS
14 Josh Jackson CB, Iowa GB
15 Josh Allen QB, Wyoming AZ
16 Billy Price C, Ohio State BAL
17 Vita Vea NT, Washington LAC
18 Isaiah Wynn G, Georgia SEA
19 Courtland Sutton WR, SMU DAL
20 Derwin James S, Florida State DET
21 Mike McGlinchey OT, Notre Dame CIN
22 James Daniels C, Iowa BUF
23 Duke Ejiofor EDGE, Wake Forest NE
24 Calvin Ridley WR, Alabama CAR
25 Marcus Davenport EDGE, UTSA TEN
26 Taven Bryan DT, Florida ATL
27 Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State NO
28 Justin Reid S, Stanford PIT
29 DJ Moore WR, Maryland JAX
30 Connor Williams OT, Texas MIN
31 Jaire Alexander CB, Louisville NE
32 Derrius Guice RB. LSU PHI
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Fantasy Articles

Mock Draft 2.0 – 12 Man PPR Mock Draft Results




Here are the results from Episode 86 Mock Draft 2.0. Listen to the episode and the pick breakdown here.


Find the results of the draft below by round and team. Please take a moment out to vote for the team you think did the best job. We’ll talk about the results on the next show.


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Round 1
1. David Johnson(Ari – RB) Miles’s Non-…
2. Ezekiel Elliott(Dal – RB) FAM
3. Le’Veon Bell(Pit – RB) Captain nail…
4. Antonio Brown(Pit – WR) The Welsh’s …
5. Julio Jones(Atl – WR) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. LeSean McCoy(Buf – RB) Scott’s Team
7. Odell Beckham Jr.(NYG – WR) B-dub
8. Mike Evans(TB – WR) Mark’s Team
9. A.J. Green(Cin – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Melvin Gordon(LAC – RB) Jim Kalmbach
11. Devonta Freeman(Atl – RB) american dre…
12. DeMarco Murray(Ten – RB) Bogman


Round 2
1. Jordan Howard(Chi – RB) Bogman
2. Jordy Nelson(GB – WR) american dre…
3. Jay Ajayi(Mia – RB) Jim Kalmbach
4. Michael Thomas(NO – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
5. T.Y. Hilton(Ind – WR) Mark’s Team
6. Leonard Fournette(Jax – RB) B-dub
7. Dez Bryant(Dal – WR) Scott’s Team
8. Lamar Miller(Hou – RB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Amari Cooper(Oak – WR) The Welsh’s …
10. DeAndre Hopkins(Hou – WR) Captain nail…
11. Doug Baldwin(Sea – WR) FAM
12. Todd Gurley(LAR – RB) Miles’s Non-…


Round 3
1. Allen Robinson(Jax – WR) Miles’s Non-…
2. Christian McCaffrey(Car – RB) FAM
3. Demaryius Thomas(Den – WR) Captain nail…
4. Brandin Cooks(NE – WR) The Welsh’s …
5. Davante Adams(GB – WR) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Rob Gronkowski(NE – TE) Scott’s Team
7. Joe Mixon(Cin – RB) B-dub
8. Spencer Ware(KC – RB) Mark’s Team
9. Alshon Jeffery(Phi – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Sammy Watkins(Buf – WR) Jim Kalmbach
11. Keenan Allen(LAC – WR) american dre…
12. Marshawn Lynch(Oak – RB) Bogman


Round 4
1. Brandon Marshall(NYG – WR) Bogman
2. Isaiah Crowell(Cle – RB) american dre…
3. Julian Edelman(NE – WR) Jim Kalmbach
4. Jordan Reed(Was – TE) Welsh’s Whol…
5. Eddie Lacy(Sea – RB) Mark’s Team
6. Aaron Rodgers(GB – QB) B-dub
7. Michael Crabtree(Oak – WR) Scott’s Team
8. Carlos Hyde(SF – RB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Jarvis Landry(Mia – WR) The Welsh’s …
10. Tom Brady(NE – QB) Captain nail…
11. Terrelle Pryor Sr.(Was – WR) FAM
12. Drew Brees(NO – QB) Miles’s Non-…


Round 5
1. Emmanuel Sanders(Den – WR) Miles’s Non-…
2. Bilal Powell(NYJ – RB) FAM
3. Tyreek Hill(KC – WR) Captain nail…
4. Travis Kelce(KC – TE) The Welsh’s …
5. Donte Moncrief(Ind – WR) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Frank Gore(Ind – RB) Scott’s Team
7. Greg Olsen(Car – TE) B-dub
8. Matt Ryan(Atl – QB) Mark’s Team
9. Mark Ingram(NO – RB) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Andrew Luck(Ind – QB) Jim Kalmbach
11. Martavis Bryant(Pit – WR) american dre…
12. Larry Fitzgerald(Ari – WR) Bogman


Round 6
1. Jamison Crowder(Was – WR) Bogman
2. Ty Montgomery(GB – RB) american dre…
3. Jimmy Graham(Sea – TE) Jim Kalmbach
4. Tevin Coleman(Atl – RB) Welsh’s Whol…
5. Golden Tate(Det – WR) Mark’s Team
6. DeSean Jackson(TB – WR) B-dub
7. Paul Perkins(NYG – RB) Scott’s Team
8. Kelvin Benjamin(Car – WR) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. C.J. Anderson(Den – RB) The Welsh’s …
10. Mike Gillislee(NE – RB) Captain nail…
11. DeVante Parker(Mia – WR) FAM
12. Dalvin Cook(Min – RB) Miles’s Non-…


Round 7
1. Ameer Abdullah(Det – RB) Miles’s Non-…
2. Danny Woodhead(Bal – RB) FAM
3. LeGarrette Blount(Phi – RB) Captain nail…
4. Adrian Peterson(NO – RB) The Welsh’s …
5. Duke Johnson Jr.(Cle – RB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Willie Snead(NO – WR) Scott’s Team
7. Martellus Bennett(GB – TE) B-dub
8. Stefon Diggs(Min – WR) Mark’s Team
9. Eric Decker(Ten – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Cameron Meredith(Chi – WR) Jim Kalmbach
11. Tyler Eifert(Cin – TE) american dre…
12. Corey Coleman(Cle – WR) Bogman


Round 8
1. Matt Forte(NYJ – RB) Bogman
2. Samaje Perine(Was – RB) american dre…
3. Latavius Murray(Min – RB) Jim Kalmbach
4. Doug Martin(TB – RB) Welsh’s Whol…
5. Delanie Walker(Ten – TE) Mark’s Team
6. Jonathan Stewart(Car – RB) B-dub
7. Marcus Mariota(Ten – QB) Scott’s Team
8. Jeremy Hill(Cin – RB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Derrick Henry(Ten – RB) The Welsh’s …
10. Randall Cobb(GB – WR) Captain nail…
11. Marvin Jones Jr.(Det – WR) FAM
12. Jeremy Maclin(Bal – WR) Miles’s Non-…


Round 9
1. Zach Ertz(Phi – TE) Miles’s Non-…
2. Theo Riddick(Det – RB) FAM
3. Kenneth Dixon(Bal – RB) Captain nail…
4. Corey Davis(Ten – WR) The Welsh’s …
5. Kyle Rudolph(Min – TE) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. John Brown(Ari – WR) Scott’s Team
7. Jordan Matthews(Phi – WR) B-dub
8. Hunter Henry(LAC – TE) Mark’s Team
9. James White(NE – RB) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Rishard Matthews(Ten – WR) Jim Kalmbach
11. Pierre Garcon(SF – WR) american dre…
12. Quincy Enunwa(NYJ – WR) Bogman


Round 10
1. Chris Thompson(Was – RB) Bogman
2. Rob Kelley(Was – RB) american dre…
3. Mike Wallace(Bal – WR) Jim Kalmbach
4. Kirk Cousins(Was – QB) Welsh’s Whol…
5. Tyrell Williams(LAC – WR) Mark’s Team
6. Adam Thielen(Min – WR) B-dub
7. C.J. Prosise(Sea – RB) Scott’s Team
8. Jamaal Charles(Den – RB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Russell Wilson(Sea – QB) The Welsh’s …
10. Kenny Britt(Cle – WR) Captain nail…
11. Breshad Perriman(Bal – WR) FAM
12. Sterling Shepard(NYG – WR) Miles’s Non-…


Round 11
1. John Ross(Cin – WR) Miles’s Non-…
2. Dak Prescott(Dal – QB) FAM
3. Josh Doctson(Was – WR) Captain nail…
4. Terrance West(Bal – RB) The Welsh’s …
5. Jameis Winston(TB – QB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Kevin White(Chi – WR) Scott’s Team
7. Denver(Den – DEF) B-dub
8. Kareem Hunt(KC – RB) Mark’s Team
9. Mohamed Sanu(Atl – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Tyler Lockett(Sea – WR) Jim Kalmbach
11. Mike Williams(LAC – WR) american dre…
12. Seattle(Sea – DEF) Bogman


Round 12
1. D’Onta Foreman(Hou – RB) Bogman
2. Ben Roethlisberger(Pit – QB) american dre…
3. Giovani Bernard(Cin – RB) Jim Kalmbach
4. Houston(Hou – DEF) Welsh’s Whol…
5. Alvin Kamara(NO – RB) Mark’s Team
6. Charles Sims(TB – RB) B-dub
7. Will Fuller V(Hou – WR) Scott’s Team
8. Cam Newton(Car – QB) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Kansas City(KC – DEF) The Welsh’s …
10. Ted Ginn Jr.(NO – WR) Captain nail…
11. Derek Carr(Oak – QB) FAM
12. Devontae Booker(Den – RB) Miles’s Non-…


Round 13
1. Cole Beasley(Dal – WR) Miles’s Non-…
2. Jason Witten(Dal – TE) FAM
3. Eric Ebron(Det – TE) Captain nail…
4. Darren Sproles(Phi – RB) The Welsh’s …
5. Justin Tucker(Bal – K) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Arizona(Ari – DEF) Scott’s Team
7. Dion Lewis(NE – RB) B-dub
8. Philip Rivers(LAC – QB) Mark’s Team
9. Tavon Austin(LAR – WR) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Chris Hogan(NE – WR) Jim Kalmbach
11. Joe Williams(SF – RB) american dre…
12. Stephen Gostkowski(NE – K) Bogman


Round 14
1. O.J. Howard(TB – TE) Bogman
2. Matt Bryant(Atl – K) american dre…
3. Dan Bailey(Dal – K) Jim Kalmbach
4. Shane Vereen(NYG – RB) Welsh’s Whol…
5. New England(NE – DEF) Mark’s Team
6. David Njoku(Cle – TE) B-dub
7. Jay Prosch(Hou – RB) Scott’s Team
8. Marqise Lee(Jax – WR) VWHIPPIE’s Team
9. Kenny Stills(Mia – WR) The Welsh’s …
10. Jack Doyle(Ind – TE) Captain nail…
11. Minnesota(Min – DEF) FAM
12. Carolina(Car – DEF) Miles’s Non-…


Round 15
1. Mason Crosby(GB – K) Miles’s Non-…
2. Adam Vinatieri(Ind – K) FAM
3. Jacksonville(Jax – DEF) Captain nail…
4. Sebastian Janikowski(Oak – K) The Welsh’s …
5. Pittsburgh(Pit – DEF) VWHIPPIE’s Team
6. Matt Prater(Det – K) Scott’s Team
7. Brandon McManus(Den – K) B-dub
8. Steven Hauschka(Buf – K) Mark’s Team
9. Wil Lutz(NO – K) Welsh’s Whol…
10. Baltimore(Bal – DEF) Jim Kalmbach
11. New York(NYG – DEF) american dre…
12. Matthew Stafford(Det – QB) Bogman


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Miles’s Non-PPR Team
1. (1) David Johnson (Ari – RB)
2. (24) Todd Gurley (LAR – RB)
3. (25) Allen Robinson (Jax – WR)
4. (48) Drew Brees (NO – QB)
5. (49) Emmanuel Sanders (Den – WR)
6. (72) Dalvin Cook (Min – RB)
7. (73) Ameer Abdullah (Det – RB)
8. (96) Jeremy Maclin (Bal – WR)
9. (97) Zach Ertz (Phi – TE)
10. (120) Sterling Shepard (NYG – WR)
11. (121) John Ross (Cin – WR)
12. (144) Devontae Booker (Den – RB)
13. (145) Cole Beasley (Dal – WR)
14. (168) Carolina (Car – DEF)
15. (169) Mason Crosby (GB – K)


1. (2) Ezekiel Elliott (Dal – RB)
2. (23) Doug Baldwin (Sea – WR)
3. (26) Christian McCaffrey (Car – RB)
4. (47) Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Was – WR)
5. (50) Bilal Powell (NYJ – RB)
6. (71) DeVante Parker (Mia – WR)
7. (74) Danny Woodhead (Bal – RB)
8. (95) Marvin Jones Jr. (Det – WR)
9. (98) Theo Riddick (Det – RB)
10. (119) Breshad Perriman (Bal – WR)
11. (122) Dak Prescott (Dal – QB)
12. (143) Derek Carr (Oak – QB)
13. (146) Jason Witten (Dal – TE)
14. (167) Minnesota (Min – DEF)
15. (170) Adam Vinatieri (Ind – K)


Captain nail bitter
1. (3) Le’Veon Bell (Pit – RB)
2. (22) DeAndre Hopkins (Hou – WR)
3. (27) Demaryius Thomas (Den – WR)
4. (46) Tom Brady (NE – QB)
5. (51) Tyreek Hill (KC – WR)
6. (70) Mike Gillislee (NE – RB)
7. (75) LeGarrette Blount (Phi – RB)
8. (94) Randall Cobb (GB – WR)
9. (99) Kenneth Dixon (Bal – RB)
10. (118) Kenny Britt (Cle – WR)
11. (123) Josh Doctson (Was – WR)
12. (142) Ted Ginn Jr. (NO – WR)
13. (147) Eric Ebron (Det – TE)
14. (166) Jack Doyle (Ind – TE)
15. (171) Jacksonville (Jax – DEF)


The Welsh’s Team
1. (4) Antonio Brown (Pit – WR)
2. (21) Amari Cooper (Oak – WR)
3. (28) Brandin Cooks (NE – WR)
4. (45) Jarvis Landry (Mia – WR)
5. (52) Travis Kelce (KC – TE)
6. (69) C.J. Anderson (Den – RB)
7. (76) Adrian Peterson (NO – RB)
8. (93) Derrick Henry (Ten – RB)
9. (100) Corey Davis (Ten – WR)
10. (117) Russell Wilson (Sea – QB)
11. (124) Terrance West (Bal – RB)
12. (141) Kansas City (KC – DEF)
13. (148) Darren Sproles (Phi – RB)
14. (165) Kenny Stills (Mia – WR)
15. (172) Sebastian Janikowski (Oak – K)


1. (5) Julio Jones (Atl – WR)
2. (20) Lamar Miller (Hou – RB)
3. (29) Davante Adams (GB – WR)
4. (44) Carlos Hyde (SF – RB)
5. (53) Donte Moncrief (Ind – WR)
6. (68) Kelvin Benjamin (Car – WR)
7. (77) Duke Johnson Jr. (Cle – RB)
8. (92) Jeremy Hill (Cin – RB)
9. (101) Kyle Rudolph (Min – TE)
10. (116) Jamaal Charles (Den – RB)
11. (125) Jameis Winston (TB – QB)
12. (140) Cam Newton (Car – QB)
13. (149) Justin Tucker (Bal – K)
14. (164) Marqise Lee (Jax – WR)
15. (173) Pittsburgh (Pit – DEF)


Scott’s Team
1. (6) LeSean McCoy (Buf – RB)
2. (19) Dez Bryant (Dal – WR)
3. (30) Rob Gronkowski (NE – TE)
4. (43) Michael Crabtree (Oak – WR)
5. (54) Frank Gore (Ind – RB)
6. (67) Paul Perkins (NYG – RB)
7. (78) Willie Snead (NO – WR)
8. (91) Marcus Mariota (Ten – QB)
9. (102) John Brown (Ari – WR)
10. (115) C.J. Prosise (Sea – RB)
11. (126) Kevin White (Chi – WR)
12. (139) Will Fuller V (Hou – WR)
13. (150) Arizona (Ari – DEF)
14. (163) Jay Prosch (Hou – RB)
15. (174) Matt Prater (Det – K)


1. (7) Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG – WR)
2. (18) Leonard Fournette (Jax – RB)
3. (31) Joe Mixon (Cin – RB)
4. (42) Aaron Rodgers (GB – QB)
5. (55) Greg Olsen (Car – TE)
6. (66) DeSean Jackson (TB – WR)
7. (79) Martellus Bennett (GB – TE)
8. (90) Jonathan Stewart (Car – RB)
9. (103) Jordan Matthews (Phi – WR)
10. (114) Adam Thielen (Min – WR)
11. (127) Denver (Den – DEF)
12. (138) Charles Sims (TB – RB)
13. (151) Dion Lewis (NE – RB)
14. (162) David Njoku (Cle – TE)
15. (175) Brandon McManus (Den – K)


Mark’s Team
1. (8) Mike Evans (TB – WR)
2. (17) T.Y. Hilton (Ind – WR)
3. (32) Spencer Ware (KC – RB)
4. (41) Eddie Lacy (Sea – RB)
5. (56) Matt Ryan (Atl – QB)
6. (65) Golden Tate (Det – WR)
7. (80) Stefon Diggs (Min – WR)
8. (89) Delanie Walker (Ten – TE)
9. (104) Hunter Henry (LAC – TE)
10. (113) Tyrell Williams (LAC – WR)
11. (128) Kareem Hunt (KC – RB)
12. (137) Alvin Kamara (NO – RB)
13. (152) Philip Rivers (LAC – QB)
14. (161) New England (NE – DEF)
15. (176) Steven Hauschka (Buf – K)


Welsh’s Whole Foods
1. (9) A.J. Green (Cin – WR)
2. (16) Michael Thomas (NO – WR)
3. (33) Alshon Jeffery (Phi – WR)
4. (40) Jordan Reed (Was – TE)
5. (57) Mark Ingram (NO – RB)
6. (64) Tevin Coleman (Atl – RB)
7. (81) Eric Decker (Ten – WR)
8. (88) Doug Martin (TB – RB)
9. (105) James White (NE – RB)
10. (112) Kirk Cousins (Was – QB)
11. (129) Mohamed Sanu (Atl – WR)
12. (136) Houston (Hou – DEF)
13. (153) Tavon Austin (LAR – WR)
14. (160) Shane Vereen (NYG – RB)
15. (177) Wil Lutz (NO – K)


Jim Kalmbach
1. (10) Melvin Gordon (LAC – RB)
2. (15) Jay Ajayi (Mia – RB)
3. (34) Sammy Watkins (Buf – WR)
4. (39) Julian Edelman (NE – WR)
5. (58) Andrew Luck (Ind – QB)
6. (63) Jimmy Graham (Sea – TE)
7. (82) Cameron Meredith (Chi – WR)
8. (87) Latavius Murray (Min – RB)
9. (106) Rishard Matthews (Ten – WR)
10. (111) Mike Wallace (Bal – WR)
11. (130) Tyler Lockett (Sea – WR)
12. (135) Giovani Bernard (Cin – RB)
13. (154) Chris Hogan (NE – WR)
14. (159) Dan Bailey (Dal – K)
15. (178) Baltimore (Bal – DEF)


american dream dusty
1. (11) Devonta Freeman (Atl – RB)
2. (14) Jordy Nelson (GB – WR)
3. (35) Keenan Allen (LAC – WR)
4. (38) Isaiah Crowell (Cle – RB)
5. (59) Martavis Bryant (Pit – WR)
6. (62) Ty Montgomery (GB – RB)
7. (83) Tyler Eifert (Cin – TE)
8. (86) Samaje Perine (Was – RB)
9. (107) Pierre Garcon (SF – WR)
10. (110) Rob Kelley (Was – RB)
11. (131) Mike Williams (LAC – WR)
12. (134) Ben Roethlisberger (Pit – QB)
13. (155) Joe Williams (SF – RB)
14. (158) Matt Bryant (Atl – K)
15. (179) New York (NYG – DEF)


1. (12) DeMarco Murray (Ten – RB)
2. (13) Jordan Howard (Chi – RB)
3. (36) Marshawn Lynch (Oak – RB)
4. (37) Brandon Marshall (NYG – WR)
5. (60) Larry Fitzgerald (Ari – WR)
6. (61) Jamison Crowder (Was – WR)
7. (84) Corey Coleman (Cle – WR)
8. (85) Matt Forte (NYJ – RB)
9. (108) Quincy Enunwa (NYJ – WR)
10. (109) Chris Thompson (Was – RB)
11. (132) Seattle (Sea – DEF)
12. (133) D’Onta Foreman (Hou – RB)
13. (156) Stephen Gostkowski (NE – K)
14. (157) O.J. Howard (TB – TE)
15. (180) Matthew Stafford (Det – QB)


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