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NFL 1st Round Mock Draft 2019



We are getting closer and closer to the 2019 NFL Draft! At The Welsh’s suggestion I did a 1st round mock and went way deeper than I probably should have so here it is! If you’d like to see my rankings of the offensive skill position players you can find them on Patreon! (

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1) Arizona Cardinals – KYLER MURRAY – QB – Oklahoma

This one is too easy, the Cardinals look to be locked in on Kyler Murray and while it’s one of the most risky picks in awhile it makes sense.  Bringing in Kliff Kingsbury to coach is risky and if they are going to go out on that limb than why not bring in his favorite player. Kingsbury gushed about Kyler when asked about him WAY before he knew he would have this job.  The Cards did take Josh Rosen 10 overall last season but they can easily trade him it’s just about compensation.  This one is an easy pick.

2) San Francisco 49ers – NICK BOSA – EDGE – Ohio State

It’s hard to know what John Lynch is going to do, as pointed out on Reddit, no one expected an OT as the pick last season when McGlinchey came off the board.  This season is too easy in my opinion, whoever the 49ers like between Quinnen Williams and Nick Bosa should be the pick.  We knew they needed an EDGE rusher before getting Dee Ford, they signed him to a huge contract but he can be cut after this season if he doesn’t work out.  It makes a lot of sense to turn a weakness into a dominance this season and that’s exactly what the 49ers would be doing by adding Bosa. The front four of Ford, Buckner, Thomas and Bosa would scare any OL.

3) New York Jets – JOSH ALLEN – EDGE – Kentucky

I’m not going to do trades in this mock but I think if they can get a deal done to acquire some more picks they would pull the trigger.  The Jets traded their 2nd round pick for this year in the move up for Darnold last season, they have an extra 3rd and 6th from New Orleans for Bridgewater, they moved their 5th for Kelechi Osemele and got a 6th back, so wheeling and dealing picks is not a problem for GM Mike Maccaganan.  This pick is tricky because Gregg Williams comes into be the DC in New York and traditionally he runs a 4-3 but the personnel in New York is built for a 3-4. Williams is going to keep the 3-4 which doesn’t fit scheme wise for Quinnen Williams so Josh Allen should be the pick.  They need an EDGE rusher as much as they need anything else.

4) Oakland Raiders – QUINNEN WILLIAMS – DT – Alabama

We all know that traditionally the Raiders have done something crazy during the draft.  Darrius Heyward-Bey (who I love as a Steeler) 7th overall in 2009 comes to mind. Bringing in Mike Mayock should cure that kind of nonsense and really bring in a calming influence to this team.  They have 3 1st round draft picks and have holes just about everywhere on this team but this pick is easy, Quinnen Williams is either 1 or 2 on everyone’s board and he is, to me, the safest pick in this draft by a country mile.  The Raiders weren’t just last in sacks last season, they had 13. The next lowest total was 30 by the Giants and Patriots. 11 players had 13 or more last year and Williams taking up 2 blockers on every snap will get those EDGE rushers more one on one looks.  

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DEVIN WHITE – ILB – LSU

The Bucs lost Kwon Alexander to the 49ers in free agency and have a need at MLB and Devin White is one of the best players in this draft.  Deone Bucannon is a favorite of Bruce Arians but he can be used situationally, kind of as a ‘Joker’ playing LB or S. This is the hardest pick of the mock so far because it would make a lot of sense to bring in an Offensive Lineman especially with the system that Arians runs leaving QBs hung out to dry.  The Bucs have had private meetings with a ton of 1st round prospects including, Nick Bosa, Devin Bush (MLB – Michigan), Cody Ford (OT – Oklahoma), Rashan Gary (DT – Michigan), Ed Oliver (DT – Houston), Montez Sweat (DL – Mississippi State) and Quinnen Williams. So it looks like MLB, DT or OT will be the pick for sure here.

6) New York Giants – DWAYNE HASKINS – QB – Ohio State

We all know that the days are numbered for Eli Manning and getting his replacement in now would be a huge advantage over waiting until next season and starting a rookie or a veteran free agent should Eli retire.  This pick has had all kinds of rumors, Ralph Vacchiano has reported they want an EDGE rusher but, the most meetings they have had are with QBs Haskins, Daniel Jones and Drew Lock.  The Giants also need help along the OL and there could be a few good OTs available in Jawaan Taylor or Cody Ford.  Personally, I think the Vacchiano report is a smoke screen but, they have met with Rashan Gary 3 times so he’s a possibility here.  I think the thought process here is to get the QB they like (whichever one it is) and then they take BPA with the pick they got from Cleveland for Odell.  Gettleman being himself though this almost seems too clean.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars – JAWAAN TAYLOR – OT – Florida

I wanted to have a more exciting pick here but I just can’t do it.  It’s true that they need a weapon, whether it’s a WR or a TE doesn’t really matter but what they really need more than that is someone to protect their major investments in Nick Foles and Leonard Fournette.  Taylor can protect Foles blindside and open some holes for Fournette and with the WR class being so deep they Jags can grab one they like later in the draft. I also think that the Jaguars don’t fully know what they have in Chark or Westbrook yet, a new QB can turn those guys in better producers.

8) Detroit Lions – GREEDY WILLIAMS – CB – LSU

The Lions are DESPERATELY trying to move back here so I don’t think that they’ll actually hold this pick.  If they do keep this pick I think that CB is going to be pretty high up on their list of needs. They added Trey Flowers at DE, Danny Amendola at WR and Jesse James at TE.  I think if they stick with this pick Rashan Gary could be the pick too, I really wanted to give them TJ Hockensen (TE – Iowa) but I think the signing of Jesse James means that they won’t be taking a first round TE.  I also like Montez Sweat, Brian Burns or Devin Bush as picks here as well.

9) Buffalo Bills – ED OLIVER – DT – Houston

There are so many picks that fit here that I would prefer that they move down to get more picks because they could really use some targets for the QB and DK Metcalf, N’Keal Harry, Noah Fant, AJ Brown and TJ Hockensen are all still on the table.  Ed Oliver is the best player left on the board at a position and I just can’t see him falling to the double digits. The Bills also need OL probably worse than they need anything else so Cody Ford, Jonah Williams, Dalton Risner (OT – Kansas State) are all possibilities here and if Jawaan Taylor was somehow still around he might be an insta pick.

10) Denver Broncos – DREW LOCK – QB – Missouri

John Elway might not be getting QBs right but he is going to keep swinging and his latest love child is Drew Lock.  The word ‘smitten’ has been used to describe Elway’s attitude towards Lock. The Broncos traded Case Keenum away and traded for Joe Flacco and Kevin Hogan is behind him.  Even if they skip QB in the 1st they’ll probably need to draft a QB at some point. They have a decent group of TEs but I think that Fant or Hockenson could be possibilities as well or an Offensive Lineman like Dalton Risner or Jonah Williams (OT – Alabama).

11) Cincinnati Bengals – DEVIN BUSH – MLB – MICHIGAN

It’s scary to think what this team will be able to do with Marvin Lewis gone as the roster, on paper anyway, looks really good.  They have a great DL, it’s probably their strength, the secondary is littered with high draft picks, the weapons like, Green, Boyd and Mixon are strong on offense too.  This team might be searching for an Andy Dalton replacement in the near future but I don’t think he’s in this class. The OL could use some work as well but the biggest need is probably at MLB and with Devin Bush still on the board this seems like the obvious pick.  If the decide to go OL, Ford, Williams, Risner and Garrett Bradbury (C – North Carolina State) are all still on the board.

12) Green Bay Packers – BRIAN BURNS – EDGE – Florida State

This one is tough to figure out because the Packers covered a lot of needs in free agency.  They added Z’Darius Smith and Preston Smith as Edge rushers and paid Adrian Amos to come over after flipping Haha Clinton-Dix last season.  I think if they were going to make a big splash to get a WR they would have traded for AB so I don’t think that Metcalf is the pick here but it wouldn’t be a huge stretch.  If this isn’t an EDGE rusher than I would guess it’s probably a big DL like Rashan Gary or Jerry Tillery (DT – Notre Dame). I think if they decide to take a skill position players they’ll have the chance at 30 with the pick they acquired in the 2018 draft when the Saints moved up for Marcus Davenport.

13) Miami Dolphins – MONTEZ SWEAT – EDGE – Mississippi State

This team is in a rebuild and they are a true wildcard in the sense that they should be willing to take whoever they think is the BPA.  I think the QB class offers more next season but sometimes teams fall in love with a certain guy while doing their research so a QB is in the realm of possibilities.  Brian Flores comes over from Miami with a defensive mindset from New England and will show multiple fronts and they have some decent talent on the back end after drafting Fitzpatrick last year and it looks like they might keep Reshad Jones.  Rashan Gary is yet again in the mix here or perhaps an OL because it’s fairly ugly outside of Tunsil. The Dolphins were 29th in the NFL in Sacks last season so I think they add some pressure with this early pick.

14) Atlanta Falcons – RASHAN GARY – EDGE – Michigan

I think the slide and the need for the Falcons fits perfectly here.  Gary is a giant, athletic lineman and they will be able to line him up inside or out.  The Falcons have spent 1st round picks on Defensive Ends in 2015 and 2017 so, this isn’t the greatest look but Takk McKinley has only started 8 games in two seasons and Vic Beasley has been bounced around from End to LB and back and only has 10 sacks over the last 2 seasons.  Those guys are young and can still work out but it never hurts to have depth on the defensive line because Grady Jarrett is also playing on the franchise tag and despite Arthur Blank saying he’ll be a Falcon for life he could be gone next season.  I think that Jeffrey Simmons is a better fit but he might slide due to off field issues, Jonah Williams or Cody Ford are also possible here for OL help.

15) Washington Redskins – DK METCALF – WR – Mississippi

There are many spots that Metcalf can go way before this spot of course.  I can see him going as high as 6 to the New York Giants, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Green Bay and Miami are all possibilities as well.  It seems like the Cardinals are trying to hold out for this pick for Josh Rosen but, the Redskins can probably make that work for a 2nd rounder and later picks.  This would give Keenum a great target for this year and it would give whoever the new QB is a target for years to come.  If this isn’t Metcalf I would guess N’Keal Harry or Hakeem Butler to be in play here as well. The Redskins need a big WR and all of these guys fit the mold and have been tied to the 1st round at some point.

16) Carolina Panthers – JONAH WILLIAMS – OT – Alabama

The Panthers have a lot of needs in this draft and I would love to see them move off this pick to get some more depth but for this exercise I think this would be a great fit for them.  Cam Newton hasn’t missed many games in his career but it’s no secret that he’s been grinded to a pulp especially the last few seasons. Adding a big lineman to the team can help curtail this a little bit as well as Cam throwing the ball out of bounds or taking not the hard hits and going down when he’s clearly caught.  The more pressing need depth wise is probably at Edge rusher after Peppers retired but keeping your franchise QB upright should be priority number one. If it’s not Williams I think that Clelin Ferrell (EDGE – Clemson) or Cody Ford should be considered here.

17) New York Giants – CLELIN FERRELL – EDGE – Clemson

I know most people are going to want to see a WR go here.  The reason I’m giving them an Edge rusher is because you can’t trade Odell and then replace him with the pick you got and expect to keep your job.  Gettleman has probably done enough to get fired anyway with the NY media breathing down his neck and trading away the best player on the team AFTER giving him a huge signing bonus.  The Giants still haven’t found a replacement for Jason Pierre-Paul and they were tied with New England for 2nd worst in sacks last season with only 30. The Giants need OL help as well and IDL help would be great as well but they can address those later in the draft as they have 9 more picks after the 1st round.  

18) Minnesota Vikings – CODY FORD – OL – Oklahoma

As pointed out in this Reddit post the Vikings have traded down 17 times in the past 6 drafts so that is definitely in play with this pick.  The biggest need for the Vikings seems to be along the OL. They were actually pretty good in pass protection last season but Football Outsiders had them ranked 3rd worst in power runs and 7th in getting stuffed behind the line on run plays.  19 of 44 prospects that he Vikings have met with so far have been OL. Cody Ford projects to some as a Tackle and others as a Guard so he fits perfectly for a team that has multiple needs.  

19) Tennessee Titans – GARRETT BRADBURY – IOL – North Carolina State

I really want to give the Titans one of the big time TEs here but with Vrabel saying they want to give the ball to Derrick Henry more and them giving up SO many sacks, this pick makes more sense.  The Titans were 23/32 in sacks allowed last year while being 31st in pass attempts for the 4th worst sack % in the NFL last season.  Marcus Mariota has never played 16 games in a season and was beat to a pulp last year.

20) Pittsburgh Steelers – NOAH FANT – TE – Iowa

There is no replacing Antonio Brown.  I think that has been lost in all of the social media madness that has been going on with him.  That’s 100+ receptions, 1300 yards and 10 TDs on a year-to-year basis just gone from the team. I love Vance McDonald but he isn’t the talent that Fant is and while McDonald played 15 games last year he has never been the a pillar of health.  I would 100% take Devin Bush if he fell to this spot which is doubtful but I think the Steelers could move up to get him, Fant fits a need and he is a high SPARQ score player that the Steelers like to draft.  Byron Murphy and Jachai Polite are also possibilities here.

21) Seattle Seahawks – BYRON MURPHY – CB – Washington

I don’t see an scenario where the Seahawks don’t trade out of this spot, they traded their 2nd rounder in the Duane Brown deal with Houston and don’t have a 6 or 7 either so they only have 4 picks in this draft.  If a chance to add picks arises they’ll most likely take it. For this mock I went back and forth between Murphy and OG Chris Lindstrom from Boston College. Both would be great picks for the Seahawks but with so few picks I think they need to go BPA and I would have Murphy ahead of Lindstrom.  This team has to face the Rams twice, Jimmy G is coming back with the 49ers and the Cardinals are switching to Kingsbury’s Air Raid system. They need all the help they can get in the secondary.

22) Baltimore Ravens – HAKEEM BUTLER – WR – Iowa State

The Ravens were gutted a little bit on defense so even I’m a little surprised to not be taking a player on that side of the ball but the biggest need is really at WR for this team.  N’Keal Harry might be higher on more boards but I think Butler is a PERFECT fit here for Baltimore. This gives Lamar Jackson a huge target at 6’6” and he’s a great downfield blocker and the Ravens are going to be a run first team for the foreseeable future with Lamar leading the charge.  With the best defensive players on the board being interior lineman and secondary players this makes a lot of sense even with the depth at WR because the Ravens don’t have a 2nd round pick after the trade to get Lamar last year.

23) Houston Texans – ANDRE DILLARD – OT – Washington State

The Texans have the ghost of Matt Kalil listed as their starting LT and that’s an upgrade.  They allowed the most sacks by 6 last season. Andre Dillard had plenty of reps protecting against the pass rush in the Air Raid system at Washington State.  This pick is out of necessity and really the easiest one to make in this mock so far. If they somehow decide to not go with the Tackle than I would say either Lindstrom or DeAndre Baker (CB – Georgia) are also in play.

24) Oakland Raiders – TJ HOCKENSON – TE – Iowa

The Raiders have bigger needs than TE but they have two more picks inside the top 35 so I think this pick once again can they can go BPA.  Hockenson and Fant might be my favorite players in this draft and it makes sense that if they are going to see this through with Carr or take someone high next year why not give them some great targets to throw the ball to?  There are some good Edge rushers and Offensive lineman that fit as well but when you are in a complete rebuild BPA makes the most sense.

25) Philadelphia Eagles – JEFFREY SIMMONS – DT – Mississippi State

The Eagles aren’t very flush with needs so going BPA makes a lot of sense for them.  Fletcher Cox is making a ton of money and is an incredible talent, but the Eagles have an out next year and might take it.  A lot of mocks have them taking an Edge rusher but that doesn’t make much sense to me with Derek Barnett, Josh Sweat, Graham, Long and Curry still on the roster.  Josh Jacobs is another one people had been mocking but Pederson likes going with a stable of RBs and they just traded for Jordan Howard. Simmons tore his ACL in a pre draft workout so he might not contribute at all this season but he was ranked inside the top 10 on most draft boards.  If not Simmons I would have gone with DeAndre Baker.

26) Indianapolis Colts – AJ BROWN – WR – Mississippi

There are so many players that fit for the Colts in this spot they really can’t miss with whomever it may be but I think the after fixing the defense last season and the Offensive Line being the most improved I’ve ever seen in one season, it’s time to draft weapons.  AJ Brown is all over the place on big boards but I think a slot WR to pair with Hilton and the newly acquired Devin Funchess would pair very nicely. I think in most cases that this would a more straight line Ballard pick of an Edge rusher or DT but they have another pick at 34 from the trade with the Jets last season when New York moved up to get Darnold.

27) Oakland Raiders – CHASE WINOVICH – EDGE – Michigan

I’m not sure where along the defensive line this pick will be but, I think it definitely will be on the line once again because the best players in this draft are DL and Edge Rushers.  If this isn’t Winovich, Jachai Polite or Jerry Tillery (DT – Notre Dame) make a lot of sense here. 13 sacks has to be fixed immediately. If they decide to go with on the offensive side of the ball I would think Chris Lindstrom would be the sensible pick and Josh Jacobs would be the shocking pick.

28) Los Angeles Chargers – CHRISTIAN WILKINS – DT – Clemson

This pick fits too perfectly for the Chargers.  They have needed someone to clog up the middle for pass rushers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram for a while and Wilkins is a stud that helped anchor Clemson’s line for the past few seasons.  Tillery fits too but some character issues would probably keep him off the Chargers, they’ve drafted pretty safe since Merriman. If they decide to go offense it will probably be on the line with a Lindstrom or Dalton Risner.

29) Kansas City Chiefs – DEANDRE BAKER – CB – Georgia

The Chiefs traded Dee Ford, cut Justin Houston and let Eric Berry and Steven Nelson walk in FA.  They did bring in Tyrann Mathieu, Alex Okafor and traded for Emmanuel Ogbah so the only position they haven’t addressed yet is CB.  The Chiefs got torched in the secondary last year which was part due to poor performance and part because every single team was playing catch-up.  This pick will almost 100% be defense if it isn’t Baker it could be Mack Wilson (LB – Alabama), Jachai Polite, Nasir Adderley (S – Delware), Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (S – Florida) are all options.

30) Green Bay Packers – MARQUISE BROWN – WR – Oklahoma

This would probably be somewhat of a surprise pick but the Packers drafted 3 huge outside WRs last season and let Randall Cobb, the slot WR walk in free agency so they definitely need someone for that role.  I think Marquise Brown gives Aaron Rodgers another playmaking weapon that can stretch the field and take defenders deep to get some one on one matchups for Jimmy Graham or any of the other WRs that are all over 6’.  I think that N’Keal Harry is a better player but I think a guy like Marquise Brown fits better for the Pack. If this isn’t a WR there are still some good IOL around and maybe even a Saftey or Mack Wilson.

31) Los Angeles Rams – JERRY TILLERY – DT – Notre Dame

Well as it stands right now the Rams and Suh are still at an impasse so he remains a free agent and I’m not 100% sure that either side is going to budge before the draft.  If it stays like that the Rams are going to need some depth on the line and Tillery fits the bill for sure as a Suh replacement. The Rams signed Eric Weddle to take care of the issue they had at safety with Joyner leaving, they also resigned Fowler and picked up Clay Matthews in free agency.  They can still use a rotational pass rusher so Jachai Polite is once again in play and on the offensive side we still have Chris Lindstrom and Dalton Risner on the board with a far outside shot at Irv Smith Jr (TE – Alabama).

32) New England Patriots – IRV SMITH JR – TE – Alabama

The Patriots don’t have giant holes but the do have a Gronk size one at TE since he retired and Irv Smith isn’t going to replace Gronk but no one will.  The Patriots have a decent amount of needs for a team that just won the Super Bowl. WR is one and N’Keal Harry is still on the board in this mock, Kelvin Harmon (WR – North Carolina State) and JJ Arcega-Whiteside (WR – Stanford) could be possibilities as well.  The Pats also could use an OT or an Edge rusher and if there’s someone they really want we know the Patriots aren’t afraid to trade up or down at any second.

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