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ITL Hall of Fame

2014-15 ITL Fantasy Basketball Champion

Winner: The Welsh

The Welsh came into the playoffs as the 5th seed. The first round, The Welsh took down the one of the hottest teams of the second half in BalabanMB (The 4th Seed).  The 2nd round saw 8th seed Nico leveled by the wrecking ball The Welsh had become. The finals pitted 2nd seed Anyone But Youngberg who had sat at the top all season long, fall to The Welsh as he took down not only the first ITL Basketball Championship, but the first ever ITL Fantasy Championship across all sports.

The Welsh’s roster was lead my Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Eric Bledsoe and Nerlens Noel.


2015 ITL Fantasy Baseball Champion

Winner: The Welsh

For the second straight ITL Fantasy League, The Welsh defeated Mike Youngberg in the championship game 468.50 to 432.50.

The Welsh’s team was highlighted by Jose Fernandez, Carlos Martinez, Carlos Gonzalez, Giancarlo Stanton, George Springer and Corey Seager

@IsItTheWelsh Randy Wilkening and The Welsh win big in 2015 in Fantasy Football!

2015 ITL Fantasy Football

Beast League Champion: Randy Wilkening over Mike Honcho

Amazon League Champion: The Welsh over Chris Whitman

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2015-2016 ITL Fantasy Hockey Champion


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2015 ITL College Fantasy Football Champions



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